Monday, January 24

Happy ears!

I like having happy, sexy, non-smelling ears

Sunday, January 23

An overall success, i think.

Last night pretty much rocked. It was the charity gig Dad and Nick had organised for the tsunami appeal, and it sold out about a week ago!
Cheap and Available were slightly boring, but the other three were all excellent. It was good seeing Matt play again, I hadn't seen him for ages, and i loved his new songs.
About half an hour before i was going to get there Dad phoned me and said the photographer from the chronicle and echo hadn't turned up so I should bring my camera along. I got some great photos, and Gill will be emailing one to the paper today, which makes me incredibly excited :D So i'm going to show some of the photos off now. Here is Matt...

This here is Export33. My dad is the white blur in the left hand corner, on bass.

And this is The Full Compliments. Guitarist on the right is only 16. I remember when he got his first guitar, and he's now better than my dad, who's been playing for about 10 years, haha. They really are a great band, all incredibly talented.

I now have a huge pile of photos to print, so i better get on with it!

Saturday, January 22

A friend on IAM has requested a kitty ear hat like this one...

I ordered the yarn 2 days ago (colinette point 5 in magenta) and it arrived this morning. I'll probably knit it today or tomorrow, and post it monday. And i'm getting £10 for it. Not much, but it covers the cost of yarn and shipping plus a little bit more. She said she'd seen some on ebay going for about £20 so I may put one or two up on there and see what i can get!

I babysat Chloe on thurday night. She has got to be the most adorable child EVER. Her favourite word at the moment is No. Said in a "*sigh*noooo" kind've way. So cute! She was remarkably good tempered all night. Gave her a bath about 7, read each of her books twice each, and she fell asleep on my lap. Of course, 15 minutes after Ruth and John ger home she wakes up and starts screaming! I have a pool of baby dribble on my hoodie now, hehe.

So, for the rest of the day i think I'll sit down with several cups of tea and some knitting whilst watching Bill Bailey, which i recorded last night. Bill Bailey is a legend. I went to see him at the Derngate last year and pissed myself laughing all the way through!

Sunday, January 16


So I tried making a knitting needle holder on friday, but it went horribly wrong and i gave up. Today i ripped it all apart and started again, and this time it worked! Will i remember to think how I'm going to make something before i start sewing next time? Probably not, but the frustration of doing it wrong makes the finished piece all the more satisfying in my opinion! I also discovered that despite the fact all my pins were wonky and all over the place, my sewing is actually quite straight.


It just needs a button or ribbon or both or something to keep it closed now!

I took a photo of the tin i got from the Gourlays for christmas as well. It had chocolates in, but i ate them all. Look at all the knitted children!


That is now home to my DPNs, circulars and other bitsnbobs.

And this is the start of Charlotte! I had to un-knit a whole row, it was a very tense moment, but it was ok in the end. I did one more sl1 k2to psso than i should. Those three little stitches will drive me insane by the end of this, i'm sure!


Not a very good photo, but you get the idea.

And this is my cherished Colinette stash. Everything in this pile is colinette. Some of it's my mothers, but c'mon...that's a rediculous amount of colinette! I can't help it though, i'm a sucker for the stuff.


The most rediculous thing is that most of them are just single skiens so i've no idea what i'm going to make with any of them. I'll either have more scarves than I'll ever wear, or just keep it to stroke!

Saturday, January 15


That money I don't have much of? I just spent £20 on 4 more Terry Pratchett books. I'm a sucker for discworld <3

We Love Bob

Bob came to fix my car yesterday. It's nice and quiet again now, and only cost £75 which wasn't as bad as i was expecting. I am, however, poor this month. I've already spent over £200 on my car alone. Then there's rent on top of that. And i'm supposed to be saving. This month isn't fun.

Thursday, January 13

This is what happens when my mother and I sit down in front of the Colinette website and start going "oooh...that's pretty!". I've just spent 10 minutes stroking it all. Amazingly, more of it is my mothers than mine!

I wish i lived even remotely near where Colinette is made. They are by far my favourite yarn people ever. One zero is fantastic, as is point 5. Yummmmmy. Yummy Yummy Yummy. I've not even got a clue what i'm going to make with it all! I'll have to have a look through my pattern books and get some ideas.

Wednesday, January 12


My car is poorly. The exhaust is buggered, and i'm surprised i didn't wake up the whole village driving to work this morning!

Today is Papa's birthday, and the wine cozy was finished in time!

It is currently hugging a bottle of Chillean merlot. I know nothing about wine, don't even like the stuff, but my brother assured me that was a good choice, lol.

Also, my new plugs arrived yesterday! I just need to stretch a tiiiny bit more, and they'll be making my ears very happy!

Sunday, January 9

oooh, just one more.

I went in to work for Mum and Dad today, as they Sale's on we're opening sundays all month and it's busy so i was needed for the tea/lunch making and the heavy lifting, lol. I sent a few things out on apro though so hopefully at least one will get sold! I'm exhausted though, and rather cold.

I'm going to Sally's to play scrabble tonight, because we're hardcore and do things like sit in and play scrabble and drink cups of tea. We are the definition of the rock and roll lifestyle, hah.

During one of the few quiet 10 minutes we had today Mum and I oggled the Colinette website and ended up spending £75, haha. But It's all so yummy. I adore colinette!

Oh, and I know it's a long shot but i'm plugging it anyway. On Saturday Januray 22nd from 8pm until midnight there will be a live music night at the working mens club in Earls Barton (Northampton), featuring Matt Rees (funky originally singer/song writer), Export 33 (Rolling stones tribute), Cheap and Available (the name says it all? lol) and The Tom Betts Band (excellent young band doing mainly 60/70's covers on the night, possibly some newer covers as well). Tickets are £5 each and every single penny we take is being donated to the Tsunami Disaster Relief Fun.
If anyone's interested email me for more info :)

Saturday, January 8

Some clarification needed?

I was asked for either less or more information on the "Ugh, i foolishly ate garlic croutons last night and my breath still stinks, it's gross. Not as gross as the smell of my ears though. Can't wait for my new plugs to arrive!" comment in my last entry.

So. this is it. I have 5/8" stretched ear lobes. I've been wearing steel tunnels for several months, and steel = ear funk. It's kinda gross! However, i've just ordered some wood/mother of pearl plugs, and organics are good at reducing ear funk! So hurrah, my ears shall stink no longer.

And the wine cozy is about half done, but my dad's just had a strop at me because the TV wasn't working so i'm being stubborn and not working on it at the moment.
OH! I forgot to mention. I took unbiased out last night, and the button flap works wonders! Nothing fell out :)

Fast stealth knitting...can it be done?

I cast on for the wine cozy last night. I got 4 rows done then we went out to the cinema!
We went to see the second Bridget Jones was quite good. Fairly funny, pretty much the same as the first. We went for a pizza hut afterwards. My god i hate pizza hut. I'm such a snob, lol. Anyway, I make MUCH better pizza than they do! (1cm of tomato, 1cm of cheese - mozeralla and chedder - and 1cm of toppings...yum!) And then we came home and i went and hid upstairs reading Lord Of The Rings again.
I suppose stealth knitting for Dad isn't too hard because he hasn't got a clue about knitting. If i just keep the pattern hidden when it's not needed he probably won't have a, he's usually in his study when i'm sitting in the front room knitting. I just hope i can finish it by wednesday! If i knit like crazy today it should get done. Maybe even by the end of the day!

Ugh, i foolishly ate garlic croutons last night and my breath still stinks, it's gross. Not as gross as the smell of my ears though. Can't wait for my new plugs to arrive!

Right...time for breakfast.

Thursday, January 6


Right, now i've fought with the code a bit, and finally worked out how to add the links, i can make a proper entry!
And for my first proper post in my brand new knitting blog, i shall post my most recent FO. That being Knitty's Unbiased Bag. I finished about a week ago, but last night i decided to add a button flap to stop my bulging wallet (ha!) falling out of the shallow part. So here she is, in all her silky shiney gorgeous glory. And just because i can, a close up of the button flap.

For now, that is it. I'm going to work out ways to knit my dad a winy cozy before the 11th without him seeing it now!

A new blog! This is just a tester while i set it up.