Saturday, January 8

Fast stealth knitting...can it be done?

I cast on for the wine cozy last night. I got 4 rows done then we went out to the cinema!
We went to see the second Bridget Jones was quite good. Fairly funny, pretty much the same as the first. We went for a pizza hut afterwards. My god i hate pizza hut. I'm such a snob, lol. Anyway, I make MUCH better pizza than they do! (1cm of tomato, 1cm of cheese - mozeralla and chedder - and 1cm of toppings...yum!) And then we came home and i went and hid upstairs reading Lord Of The Rings again.
I suppose stealth knitting for Dad isn't too hard because he hasn't got a clue about knitting. If i just keep the pattern hidden when it's not needed he probably won't have a, he's usually in his study when i'm sitting in the front room knitting. I just hope i can finish it by wednesday! If i knit like crazy today it should get done. Maybe even by the end of the day!

Ugh, i foolishly ate garlic croutons last night and my breath still stinks, it's gross. Not as gross as the smell of my ears though. Can't wait for my new plugs to arrive!

Right...time for breakfast.

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