Saturday, January 22

A friend on IAM has requested a kitty ear hat like this one...

I ordered the yarn 2 days ago (colinette point 5 in magenta) and it arrived this morning. I'll probably knit it today or tomorrow, and post it monday. And i'm getting £10 for it. Not much, but it covers the cost of yarn and shipping plus a little bit more. She said she'd seen some on ebay going for about £20 so I may put one or two up on there and see what i can get!

I babysat Chloe on thurday night. She has got to be the most adorable child EVER. Her favourite word at the moment is No. Said in a "*sigh*noooo" kind've way. So cute! She was remarkably good tempered all night. Gave her a bath about 7, read each of her books twice each, and she fell asleep on my lap. Of course, 15 minutes after Ruth and John ger home she wakes up and starts screaming! I have a pool of baby dribble on my hoodie now, hehe.

So, for the rest of the day i think I'll sit down with several cups of tea and some knitting whilst watching Bill Bailey, which i recorded last night. Bill Bailey is a legend. I went to see him at the Derngate last year and pissed myself laughing all the way through!

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