Sunday, January 9

oooh, just one more.

I went in to work for Mum and Dad today, as they Sale's on we're opening sundays all month and it's busy so i was needed for the tea/lunch making and the heavy lifting, lol. I sent a few things out on apro though so hopefully at least one will get sold! I'm exhausted though, and rather cold.

I'm going to Sally's to play scrabble tonight, because we're hardcore and do things like sit in and play scrabble and drink cups of tea. We are the definition of the rock and roll lifestyle, hah.

During one of the few quiet 10 minutes we had today Mum and I oggled the Colinette website and ended up spending £75, haha. But It's all so yummy. I adore colinette!

Oh, and I know it's a long shot but i'm plugging it anyway. On Saturday Januray 22nd from 8pm until midnight there will be a live music night at the working mens club in Earls Barton (Northampton), featuring Matt Rees (funky originally singer/song writer), Export 33 (Rolling stones tribute), Cheap and Available (the name says it all? lol) and The Tom Betts Band (excellent young band doing mainly 60/70's covers on the night, possibly some newer covers as well). Tickets are £5 each and every single penny we take is being donated to the Tsunami Disaster Relief Fun.
If anyone's interested email me for more info :)

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