Sunday, January 23

An overall success, i think.

Last night pretty much rocked. It was the charity gig Dad and Nick had organised for the tsunami appeal, and it sold out about a week ago!
Cheap and Available were slightly boring, but the other three were all excellent. It was good seeing Matt play again, I hadn't seen him for ages, and i loved his new songs.
About half an hour before i was going to get there Dad phoned me and said the photographer from the chronicle and echo hadn't turned up so I should bring my camera along. I got some great photos, and Gill will be emailing one to the paper today, which makes me incredibly excited :D So i'm going to show some of the photos off now. Here is Matt...

This here is Export33. My dad is the white blur in the left hand corner, on bass.

And this is The Full Compliments. Guitarist on the right is only 16. I remember when he got his first guitar, and he's now better than my dad, who's been playing for about 10 years, haha. They really are a great band, all incredibly talented.

I now have a huge pile of photos to print, so i better get on with it!

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