Saturday, January 8

Some clarification needed?

I was asked for either less or more information on the "Ugh, i foolishly ate garlic croutons last night and my breath still stinks, it's gross. Not as gross as the smell of my ears though. Can't wait for my new plugs to arrive!" comment in my last entry.

So. this is it. I have 5/8" stretched ear lobes. I've been wearing steel tunnels for several months, and steel = ear funk. It's kinda gross! However, i've just ordered some wood/mother of pearl plugs, and organics are good at reducing ear funk! So hurrah, my ears shall stink no longer.

And the wine cozy is about half done, but my dad's just had a strop at me because the TV wasn't working so i'm being stubborn and not working on it at the moment.

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