Thursday, January 6


Right, now i've fought with the code a bit, and finally worked out how to add the links, i can make a proper entry!
And for my first proper post in my brand new knitting blog, i shall post my most recent FO. That being Knitty's Unbiased Bag. I finished about a week ago, but last night i decided to add a button flap to stop my bulging wallet (ha!) falling out of the shallow part. So here she is, in all her silky shiney gorgeous glory. And just because i can, a close up of the button flap.

For now, that is it. I'm going to work out ways to knit my dad a winy cozy before the 11th without him seeing it now!


Lisa P said...

Yay! I see you got the links working. :)

I love the bag by the way! I'm not a big purse person myself (meaning big purses or lots of purses for that matter) but that bag is gorgeous! I've seen so many patterns for cute bags... I may yet become a big purse girl! *laugh*

Faerynuff said...

Hiya Holly - Faerynuff from Knitty here. The button flap is a clever idea, I may borrow it for my next unbiased (of which there will be many!). I make mine deeper by knitting about 2 inches more than stated in the pattern that way things don't fall out of it.

Take care and Happy Blogging!
Faery xxx