Wednesday, February 16

The fuzz

I was so SO pleased with how my fuzzy feet turned out! The one that went wrong still looked a bit funny but never mind, eh!
It seems my dad liked them a lot as well, and has now claimed them as his own. (I think trying to get them away from him might be a dangerous move!) I did get to wear them for a day before he "acquired" them though!

I've just cast on number 1 of my pair, in noro kureyon :)

Also, last night, I decided i hate hate HATE those horrible plastic stitch markers I have, so I dug out my jewellery making junk and wipped up about 8 in a few minutes! I made 6 more this morning as well. Photos will be taken when Father dearest remembers to bring the USB cable home as well as the camera!

Another revelation last night was that my Auntie still has my red DM's! I must get them back now i have those party feet things, I'll be able to wear them without being crippled! I never knew so much pain could be caused by a pair of shoes. I wore them to college all day, then trecked to Nottingham where I met my brother and went to see Incubus, then trecked back to Northampton for another day at college. College was a miles walk from the bus stop as well, so by the time I got home I couldn't walk another step! I learnt my lesson from that and only ever wear my vans when I know I'm going to be walking a fair way.
Talking of Vans, Oliver was supposed to go to Schuh to pick up my new ones for me yesterday and I still don't know if he did.

Last night I went to the quiz night at Sally's. She said she'd take me to see Mark Owen for my birthday! Tried to book the tickets this morning and it's sold out! I'm absolutely gutted! However, we might go and see Hanson instead. It's twice the price but hey, these cheesey bands are so worth it. The thing is Sally might not be able to do Hanson weekend. So we shall be waiting and seeing and she's letting me know tonight.
I can't believe it's eight years since we last saw Mark Owen! I can't believe I was 12! I can't believe Sally and I are still such great friends after surviving Hatton AND college together! I can't believe my mother took us to see Mark Owen! haha. Aaah...them were the days :)

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