Saturday, February 5

The magical disappeaing act

I have a tendancy to go through phases with blogs. I have a lot of them, so it's hard to keep up sometimes! But there are time when i update about 5 times a day with pointless drivel. There are other times when i don't update for weeks at a time. Sometimes it's just one blog i don't update, sometimes it's all of them. This time it's been all of them. IAM usually gets a "Work was boring today. That is all." kind've update once a day, but no essays in quite a while.
So, as it's saturday morning and i'm lazing around in my PJs I thought i'd give this one an update (though i have my doubts to whether anyone reads it or not!)

I must admit I've been slacking on the knitting front recently. It's either been too cold to knit (is there such a thing? Unfortunately i can't knit with gloves on!), or i've been too tired (yes, despite finishing work at 1pm for the past week!) or i've been engrossed in GTA Vice City (I own a large mansion, a helicopter, several properties and a strip club now, dontchaknow!). But I have been doing little bits. I've been knitting a bag for Sally for weeks now. It's tiny, but i've only been doing 3 or 4 rows at a time. Charlotte has hardly moved on at all. I feel quite guilty about that for some reason. But it's not the kind of project i can knit whilst watching TV because i need to concentrate so much on the pattern, and i do get easily distracted.
I also intend to start me some FuzzyFeet soon! After forking out £7.50 for some 7mm DPNs (yes, extortionate, i know!) i realised i didn't have enough of the yarn i intended to use. I thought i had 200g, turns out i have 92g. Yes, i am a fool. However, i think i have enough rowan yorkshire tweed left over from Dad's wine cozy to make some from that. So that is what i shall do.

Also, we have decided we're going to Venice this year! We being myself, my mum, dad and brother. Oli (brother) is at university in the 4th year of his medical degree at the moment. He's mainly working in hospitals and he gets hardly any time off. He's got a few days at the end of march so we decided to go away together. Me and Mum spent about 2 hours searching the expedia website and found a really nice hotel. However, just as we were literally about to press "book this package" the phone rang.
It was Grandpa. My Nanny's been in a care home for a while now. She has dementia caused by several mini strokes. Over the past 2 or 3 months she's gone down hill really fast. She had to go in to hospital for a chest xray last week because her face and hands had been getting all swollen. So her doctor rang my Grandpa a couple of nights ago. The xray showed a shadow on her lung. They originally thought it might be fluid, but the Dr said it doesn't look like it. It's most probably lung cancer, so there's not much hope any more. There is no point in putting a tiny frail old lady through any kind of treatment when the quality of life she leads now is so poor. It seems it just come down to a matter of waiting for her to die. It's horrible seeing Mum so upset about it all. We knew she wouldn't be around much longer anyway, but this just seems to have made it all so much more definate. It's horrible to see her suffering, and to see her so confused. It doesn't seem right that we should have to draw this out any longer. If she were an animal she's be put down to stop any suffering, it seems wrong to me that animals are given more dignity than humans. I know the her of 6 or 7 years ago would hate to see herself as she is now. It just isn't fair.

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