Thursday, February 17

Shiney Pretty Things

Y'know, I can be an absolute GENIUS sometimes. To solve the Dad-stealing-my-camera-and-leaving-the-USB-cable-at-work problem, instead of giving Dad a smack round the head, i bought another USB cable instead. See? GENIUS!
This also means photos again. Here's some of the stitch markers I made the other day. Most of them are 4mm ones, apart from the two on the right end which are 7mm.

The others are currently being occupied by my second pair (MY pair) of fuzzy feet...

How much are we betting I've completely buggerised the HTML in this entry?


Estee said...

Your stitch markers look really great. I'd prefer to make them than buy them. Are they hard to make? Apart from obviously the beads, what materials do I need to make them?

holly said...

You just need wire really, to make the actual ring part. You can buy jump rings, but I made these ones myself from head pins to get them the right size. I guess you'll need head pins anyway, because you'll need something on the end of the wire that the beads go on to stop them falling off! I soldered mine as well, to stop them snagging on the yarn.