Saturday, February 19

So people do pay attention to what I ramble on about in here! It seems at least one of you has clicked a link to Olney Rugs because Daddy dearest managed to find this blog and has been having a good laugh, I'm sure! (I wouldn't really smack you round the head for forgetting the USB cable Dad...but I might not let you have any of the apple pie I just made!) I bet he doesn't leave one single comment! Hmf!

Anyway, knitting. Knitting is what this is about. FUZZY FEET! Oh how I love thee. I knitted a whole foot in one go yesterday. It took me about 6 hours. I love the fact I have nothing to do at work, so get to come home early and knit.

These are noro kureyon fuzzy feet (can't be bothered to go and check colour number) Slightly under 50g per foot. I bought 3 balls because all the other people i've seen who've made these have said you need slightly over 100g, and i had a fairish bit left from each 50g ball i used! Though I did do them slightly smaller. The cuff was just barely 3", and the length just barely 9", and after the heel i decreased to 40 (or was it 39? Can't remember) instead of back to 44. They felted wonderfully, and I love the colours in them! Now i just have to wait for them to dry before I can try them on.
No doubt Mum'll want some next! hehe.

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Andrea said...

i so totally love fuzzy feet too! i knit a BEAUTIFUL pair in kureyon colour way 40.. check out the colour. its gorgeous. i love the one you chose. so warm!
love andrea