Friday, February 11


So that last entry about my Nanny? Ignore it completely, because the doctor seems to be a twat. He phoned up Grandpa making it sound like she only had weeks to live, yet on Tuesday Mum took her to the hospital for some more tests, and saw her xray. What this doctor had made out to be something horrific, was the tiniest lump which could hardly be seen on the xray at the top of her lung. The consultant didn't seem concerned in the slightest, just said to bring her back for some more tests in 10 weeks time! So we're slightly annoyed with the GP at the moment.

In other news, my fuzzy feet are in the washing machine as I type!

You can probably tell that the one on the left is the one that went inside out half way through. I was going to frog it but I couldn't be bothered to knit it again so I've just stuck it in the washing machine and I'm hoping for the best, haha.

More photos when they're done!

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