Monday, March 28

I went to see Hanson last night. My ears are still ringing and my voice is still somewhere back in the Astoria. You'd think after all these years I would learn NOT to stand next to the speaker walls, wouldn't you? But no, Holly likes to deafen herself. It just isn't the same if everything isn't muffled and fuzzy the next day, and you don't sound like you've been chain smoking all night. (Funnily enough, this is the first gig i've been to when i've Not been chain smoking all night...yet I am still croaky and phlegmy).
I wish everyone who has ever taken the piss out of Hanson in any way could have been at last nights was the best i've been to in a LONG time...if not the best ever. They played Gimme Some Lovin'! and Where's The Love!
The crowd wasn't what I expected. I thought there'd be more old skool fans...but a lot of them seemed a fair bit younger than us. There were also more males than I expected. It's also the first gig i've been to in a long time where people wrote things on their faces and held up banners, and there wasn't a pit. Me and Sarah were tempted to start a circle pit during mmmbop but no one else wouldn't join in. It just aint the same with 2 people.
Taylor also still has a really nice arse. They're still as good looking as they were 8 years ago when me and Sal saw them at Wembly! Actually...slightly better looking. Nicky has informed me that it's ok for me to fancy Hanson because everyone says they look like girls that's always good to know.

I am 2 balls into Cozy. I love it, it's a fantastic pattern.

Tomorrow I go to Venice. I suppose I should pack or something, really. I also need to go to the PO tomorrow to post on the Knit-A-Blog before we go. This is why living in a village sucks. The PO is hardly EVER open. Of course it's been closed friday saturday sunday and today because of the bank holiday. It only ever opens half a day on saturdays anyway. It closes for 2 hours at lunch on week days as well. Lazy fuckers.

Saturday, March 19

I came downstairs this morning to find a parcel from Germany. Who do I know that lives in Germany? I thought. Then it hit's the Knit-A-Blog!. Yes, it has arrived safely in Northampton and is currently in it's box on top of my printer. It looks fantastic so far! Photos have been sent to Glittr and will no doubt soon be posted on GlittyKnittyKitty.

I also have some horrific news to add to this entry...last night, as i climbed in to bed, I noticed something so upsetting I nearly cried. My right fuzzy foot seems to have acquired a rather large hole in the heel!

I guess I wore them too much! HOWEVER. I have almost completed the third pair...

And once that's done, I should have enough left over for another pair. I can't live without my fuzzy feet!

Now, however, I am off to Olney to visit The Knit tin to buy some yarn for Cozy, and no doubt something for the Knit-A-Blog as well! First, however, I should probably get dressed...

Wednesday, March 16

Dear god! An entry that's actually about knitting! What is the world coming to?!

Yes, i have started another project. Guess what it is...go on...guess.

YES! Another pair of fuzzy feet! Honestly, that's not all I knit, but I'm not in the mood for anything else at the moment. Plus, I don't want my mother to have cold feet when she gets back from Lanzarote tomorrow. (That is, if i have them finished by tomorrow. Which i doubt.)

Next, I shall buy some yarn to make Cozy.

Sunday, March 13

Just fucking do it...

On another community i frequent, there is a woman who has just moved from Canada to Mexico. She recently got involved with helping the local womens center there. And...well...I'll just quote you what she wrote...

[This clinic alone has] reduced teen pregnancy by a large margin. Their programs have been adopted by similar organizations nationally. They are teaching women about their rights as human, not child bearing slaves, and youths about safe sex and general sex education. Most teenagers believe that kissing causes pregnancy so they don't kiss, they just have unprotected sex, not understanding that it makes babies.

This organization can run on $500 dollars a month. Previously they were funded by U.S. organizations looking for tax write-offs. Now those organizations are no longer able to donate due to IRS changes to "combat terrorism". I know all of us with an ounce of common sense can't understand why a woman's center that provides pap smears and reproductive health services would be flagged as a terrorist foundation but I can believe it. It's because they're doing work to prevent spousal abuse. They're stopping children (10 and 12 year olds!) from having babies and they're preventing women from dying from coat hanger abortions after their 8th child by showing them how to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. Can you even imagine being in the situation where your only options are to have a child or to have a coat hanger abortion? Are we in the 50's???

It's one thing to be pro-life or pro-choice but it's an entirely different matter to be pro-information. These women need to know what can get you pregnant. They need to know that their husbands are not allowed to beat them. They need to know that they don't have to have 10 children and that they're allowed to have friends. They just need access to information. It should be a universal right.

I know this is all a lot of seriously downer information but they really need your help. Imagine if you couldn't go to planned parenthood. Imagine if you weren't able to get your birth control pills. Imagine if you died from cervical cancer because you weren't allowed to have a pap smear because it would "ruin your virginity". Imagine these things and then think how you would feel. All I'm asking is for 5 dollars. You can check the site and see what they operate on. It's amazing. I just set their paypal account up and I'm hoping to have their new site done by the end of the week.

Donate if you can, it changes lives for the better.

I know that every woman reading this can understand why this is such an important cause, and why they need our help. All the men...just think about it. Imagine if one of those women was your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother. So just an idea...donate just $15 so a woman can have a medical consultation that otherwise she couldn't get. Can't afford £15? Donate anything you can. When it only costs $500 to keep this place open for a month, every penny really does count. If you can't afford to donate at all, copy and past this to your own journal/website/whatever. Just let people know!
Because I'm a poser...

Those are the best damn sun glasses in the world. They make everything go orange. I love the fact my Dad was a hippie.

Wednesday, March 9

I haven't knit a single thing this week. I'm going through a sims addiction phase. The kind of phase where i play it at every opportunity for a couple of weeks, then ignore it for a month or two. It's not been completely unproductive though. I've made 3 bracelets in the last week so it can't be too bad. Here's the one i made for me..

I made one for Mum (mothers day present) in green and silver, and one for Hannah, who's birthday it is tomorrow, in pinks and purples.

Mum and Dad swan off to Lanzarote for a week tomorrow, leaving me to fend for myself. So i have a fridge full of ready meals, lol. No, that's not entirely true. I have about 3 ready meals. I can cook, I just can't ever be bothered to. And I'm no good at washing up either. Yes, i'm lazy. That's the word i'm looking for.

I went to Next with Ma last night and got some new shoes. I'm not normally a shoe person, but lately i've been wanting something other than my vans to wear. Something slightly smarter. So i tried these on, and i was amazed that they were actually comfortable (i've never had comfortable smart shoes before, never ever), so i bought them.

I always forget how hard it is to take a good photo of your own feet.

The new yarn shop (the knit tin) opened in Olney on saturday, so I couldn't resist, and went over to check it out. It's very small, but they have some good stuff in there...Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Noro, Jaeger, Colinette. Some really nice Brittany birch needles, and some pretty needle rolls. Little cool stitch markers and other bits as well. And a rather good button selection! It was all still being put out really. Nothing had prices on either, but i think it's got potential. Mum mentioned they'd be doing knitting workshops and stuff but i can't really see there being enough room. It's kind've in a U shape, one room having a sofa and a table, and the other just a table. There's hardly even any room to walk around the tables though. I'll definatly be going back though!

And just because, here's a photo of me and my Daddy...

Wednesday, March 2

How to lose spectacularly...

I think the best way to lose a quiz is to have 4 of the 6 team members texting various people questions and using the internet to look up answers, yet still managing to come last by 5 points. We would have won the picture round, but Laura's team cheated and we had to have a tie breaker. Jon wouldn't know jude law if he slapped him round the face, so we lost that. Steve won the raffle though. Hmmm...chocolate.

It's been snowing here lately. I quite like snow, as long as I don't have to go out in it.

That was taken last week. It just looks wet outside now.

In other news, i seem to be re-addicted to the sims2.