Wednesday, March 9

I haven't knit a single thing this week. I'm going through a sims addiction phase. The kind of phase where i play it at every opportunity for a couple of weeks, then ignore it for a month or two. It's not been completely unproductive though. I've made 3 bracelets in the last week so it can't be too bad. Here's the one i made for me..

I made one for Mum (mothers day present) in green and silver, and one for Hannah, who's birthday it is tomorrow, in pinks and purples.

Mum and Dad swan off to Lanzarote for a week tomorrow, leaving me to fend for myself. So i have a fridge full of ready meals, lol. No, that's not entirely true. I have about 3 ready meals. I can cook, I just can't ever be bothered to. And I'm no good at washing up either. Yes, i'm lazy. That's the word i'm looking for.

I went to Next with Ma last night and got some new shoes. I'm not normally a shoe person, but lately i've been wanting something other than my vans to wear. Something slightly smarter. So i tried these on, and i was amazed that they were actually comfortable (i've never had comfortable smart shoes before, never ever), so i bought them.

I always forget how hard it is to take a good photo of your own feet.

The new yarn shop (the knit tin) opened in Olney on saturday, so I couldn't resist, and went over to check it out. It's very small, but they have some good stuff in there...Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Noro, Jaeger, Colinette. Some really nice Brittany birch needles, and some pretty needle rolls. Little cool stitch markers and other bits as well. And a rather good button selection! It was all still being put out really. Nothing had prices on either, but i think it's got potential. Mum mentioned they'd be doing knitting workshops and stuff but i can't really see there being enough room. It's kind've in a U shape, one room having a sofa and a table, and the other just a table. There's hardly even any room to walk around the tables though. I'll definatly be going back though!

And just because, here's a photo of me and my Daddy...

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Anonymous said...

Your dad looks like David Letterman, freaky.