Saturday, April 30

Bah. My tripod account got deleted because i only got 47 hits in one month instead of 50, so now i've lost all my knitting photos. Thankfully all the other important photos are still stored on the computer. Otherwise i'd be angry.

Now i have to transfer all my other photos over to should only take a week or so.

Friday, April 29

I lead such a thrilling life. So thrilling, that this is what I have done since i last updated...

+ Been to work (parents are sunning themselves in spain).
+ Been to the doctors (no more puking, hurrah).
+ Played on the sims so much i got a headache from starting at the computer screen for so long.
+ Knitted a few more inches on Cozy.
+ Read about the end of the world.
+ Washed some alpaca fleece (those laundry bags are GENIUS y'know, seriously).

Uuuh...yeah. That's about it. THRILLING, see?
OHOH, I got my redundancy ££ yesterday, so now I'm richrichrich. Anne says i should buy a spinning wheel. I say i should buy a new car. The other I says i shouldn't spend it all before i can be bothered to look for a new job. DAMN my common sense. Where the hell did that come from anyway? today today. Today I shall...wash up. Empty the dishwasher. Curse the postman for not yet delivering my CDs (Mark Owen's new album, and Rooster) and the Take That documentary that the ever wonderful Anne recorded for me (<3 Anne!). In fact...curse all Earls Barton postmen in general. It's 10:37am and STILL no post! Our bin men come earlier than our post men! (Oh yeah...and i forgot to put the bin out. OOPS!) Aren't post men supposed to get up really early and all that crap? The other week, i saw the postman running up the road as fast as he could, this was in the afternoon! And when he finally did get to our house, know what he did? He delivered us next doors post. Seriously, why can't these morons tell the difference between 48 and 48A?!

Speaking of number 48. They have a kitten. It's very cute. It keeps digging up the garden so dad throws stuff or gets the hosepipe out. It's scared of us now....muhahaaa. I think we should invest in a water pistol.

RIGHT. I need a shower, but i refuse to go up until the postman has been...because as it's a nice sunny day he'll take my CDs back to the post office instead of leaving them round the corner. They only leave things round the corner if it's raining so they go all soggy. The lakeland box was left out there in the pouring rain on tuesday. They didn't even leave a note saying they'd left it there either. If i didn't check there then i never would have known, would i? CURSE THE POSTMAN! CURSE HIM!

Yes. I think i'll shut up now.

Sunday, April 24

Almost there.

I am officially half way through Cozy. When i last put it down i was about to join on ball number 5. Hurrah! It's looking damn fine, even if i do say so myself, and it's good fun to knit. Not quite mindless but not needing so much concentration i can't do anything else at the same time.

Mesh laundry bags are on their way from the ever wonderful Lakeland Limited. I made an attempt at washing some of the alpaca the other day. Big mistake. A rather large amount went down the plug hole it seems. Fishing it all out of boiling hot water was not easy. Second time i put it in a pillowcase, but that has the unfortunate side effect of not actually letting any of the dirt out. But the water did go a rather satisfying shade of brown, so i'm obviously doing something right!

I washed my car for the first time in about 18 months today. He's nice a shiney now. I'm thinking of selling him though. Preferably before he hits the 100,000 mile mark. I'd quite like a mini.

Monday, April 18

So i finally got around to getting some photos of Cozy online. It's several inches longer now, because these were taken a while ago, deleted, rescued from the rubbish bin, and finally uploaded.

I have no doubt in my mind that there are several rows where i went completely wrong and ended up just adding in a K2tog or a YO near the end when i couldn't get the number of stitches to add up, but thankfully this pattern is very forgiving, and it's hardly, if at all, noticeable.

Now i need to think of goodies i can send my SP. I know i'm sending them some ****** **** and possibly some of those cute ****** *******, but i need a couple of other slightly less ******** related stuff. OH how i love being cryptic and stalkerish! So much so, that I am off to do it some more!

Sunday, April 17


I feel like i've hardly posted at all since i had this blog, but then i realised it's not actually that long since i last posted. So never mind that.

I had to miss the UKnitty meet this weekend, i'm gutted :-( Unfortunately i woke up at around 5:30am on thursday with horrible stomach ache, and spent the rest of the day throwing up. Which was amazing, considering everything i'd eaten recently (not much, to be honest) came up the first time i threw up. When i wasn't throwing up or leaning over the toilet, i was asleep. Even talking make me feel nauseous. So i slept all thursday day and night, and most of friday. Thankfully the only thing wrong with me now is the fact that my stomach muscles ache so much from being sick so much. I've got a doctors appointment on the 28th, hopefully she'll be able to tell me what the cause of all this is. It's never been that bad before, usually only a few hours and it's over :
Anyway, enough of the grossness. I got my SP email the other day! I'm so excited! Another excuse to go to the knit tin! And we all know i'll end up buying stuff for me as well, haha.
To be honest i've hardly down any knitting lately. I need to rectify that.

Wednesday, April 13

It's all go...

It really is. I had the most fantastic weekend meeting up with Anne and Cherie (at last!), the worlds most gorgeous and fantastic ladies...

And i (re)taught Anne to knit!

Next weekend Cherie is coming along to the UKnitty meet with me as well :) The weekend after there may even be more London antics...we shall have to see! For someone who claims to hate london, i seem to be spending an awful lot of time there lately!

Tuesday, April 5

Happy Birthday to Me! According to Ellie, I am now officially old. According to my mother, now I'm no longer a teenager I'm not allowed to sulk any more. Hah! yeah right! Ma and Pa bought me some bling!

I've had a lovely day. I went over to Olney for lunch with Mum, and we went over to the knit tin where i spent the money I got from my grandpa. The lady said that someone had read about them on here and been in! So whoever you are, own up ;) I didn't think anyone actually read this!
Came home and Auntie Maddy came over with the twins, who are completely insane, and I am still refusing to believe they're 5 already.
Tonight the Hawkers are coming over for drinks.

And here is a quick ipod cozy i wipped up yesterday out of boredom...

Monday, April 4

Home sweet home.

Venice was I have fallen in love with the place. If it wasn't for the fact that in summer the amount of tourists must be absolutely unbearable, i would move there this instant. Oh, and i can't speak Italian either...that would be a drawback. If you click here you can see a vast selection of the photos. And here i shall post my favourite one...

I found a yarn store as well! But i didn't buy anything. I think the woman said everything in there was from northern Italy. Nothing really grabbed my attention though, apart from some lovely angora/microfiber blend that was so soft, but i know i would never ever have knit anything with it. I think i showed remarkable constraint. I did however but 6 Murano glass beads and a necklace for 30 euros.

Oh, and I am now also unemployed. I went in to work this morning and it turns out everyone else left last friday. Mark was under the impression that i would be back by then for some reason. So half an hour later i came home! I'll get my redundancy at the end of the month, and i'm still getting paid for this week.

This week the kitchen is being re-decorated. I find the filth marks around where things were hanging on the walls rather amusing. It took us 2 days to take everything out! It'll be marvelous when it's done though. Then after that the hall, stairs and landing are being done, and the floor in the hall being replaced because of the leak in mum and dad's bathroom. Then Mum and Dad's bathroom's being completely ripped out, waterproofed and redecorated. Then it'll probably be Oliver's bedroom (which is currently bright blue and green and rather scary), and then the ceiling in my bedroom will hopefully be done. I like decorating.