Sunday, April 17


I feel like i've hardly posted at all since i had this blog, but then i realised it's not actually that long since i last posted. So never mind that.

I had to miss the UKnitty meet this weekend, i'm gutted :-( Unfortunately i woke up at around 5:30am on thursday with horrible stomach ache, and spent the rest of the day throwing up. Which was amazing, considering everything i'd eaten recently (not much, to be honest) came up the first time i threw up. When i wasn't throwing up or leaning over the toilet, i was asleep. Even talking make me feel nauseous. So i slept all thursday day and night, and most of friday. Thankfully the only thing wrong with me now is the fact that my stomach muscles ache so much from being sick so much. I've got a doctors appointment on the 28th, hopefully she'll be able to tell me what the cause of all this is. It's never been that bad before, usually only a few hours and it's over :
Anyway, enough of the grossness. I got my SP email the other day! I'm so excited! Another excuse to go to the knit tin! And we all know i'll end up buying stuff for me as well, haha.
To be honest i've hardly down any knitting lately. I need to rectify that.

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