Tuesday, April 5

Happy Birthday to Me! According to Ellie, I am now officially old. According to my mother, now I'm no longer a teenager I'm not allowed to sulk any more. Hah! yeah right! Ma and Pa bought me some bling!

I've had a lovely day. I went over to Olney for lunch with Mum, and we went over to the knit tin where i spent the money I got from my grandpa. The lady said that someone had read about them on here and been in! So whoever you are, own up ;) I didn't think anyone actually read this!
Came home and Auntie Maddy came over with the twins, who are completely insane, and I am still refusing to believe they're 5 already.
Tonight the Hawkers are coming over for drinks.

And here is a quick ipod cozy i wipped up yesterday out of boredom...


Lara said...

I had been into the Knit tin, and mentioned your blog! i had googled to find info on the shop and your blog came up..
I think the Knit Tin is a lovely shop. Really exciting that they stock Colinette stuff too.

I like the ipod case, the wool is really pretty.

Lara said...

P.S Happy Birthday!

holly said...

It is a great shop. They've just started doing work shops now! Are you going to go to any of them?

Lara said...

I am really keen to go to the bags workshop because I love the bag book but its the day before i go to new york so I might not manage it. Will try and fit it in but it might be tricky!
I'll have to check the leaflet again.

Am very keen to go to the one about cushions though..Are you going to any of them?

Am very keen to go to a colinette workshop later on in the year about "using up your yarn stash" . Would be really good for me because I have lots of random wool!

holly said...

The bag one definatly looks good! I'll probably go to one or two of the knit-in's as well, they look like they could be fun :)
Do you live in Olney?