Monday, April 4

Home sweet home.

Venice was I have fallen in love with the place. If it wasn't for the fact that in summer the amount of tourists must be absolutely unbearable, i would move there this instant. Oh, and i can't speak Italian either...that would be a drawback. If you click here you can see a vast selection of the photos. And here i shall post my favourite one...

I found a yarn store as well! But i didn't buy anything. I think the woman said everything in there was from northern Italy. Nothing really grabbed my attention though, apart from some lovely angora/microfiber blend that was so soft, but i know i would never ever have knit anything with it. I think i showed remarkable constraint. I did however but 6 Murano glass beads and a necklace for 30 euros.

Oh, and I am now also unemployed. I went in to work this morning and it turns out everyone else left last friday. Mark was under the impression that i would be back by then for some reason. So half an hour later i came home! I'll get my redundancy at the end of the month, and i'm still getting paid for this week.

This week the kitchen is being re-decorated. I find the filth marks around where things were hanging on the walls rather amusing. It took us 2 days to take everything out! It'll be marvelous when it's done though. Then after that the hall, stairs and landing are being done, and the floor in the hall being replaced because of the leak in mum and dad's bathroom. Then Mum and Dad's bathroom's being completely ripped out, waterproofed and redecorated. Then it'll probably be Oliver's bedroom (which is currently bright blue and green and rather scary), and then the ceiling in my bedroom will hopefully be done. I like decorating.

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