Friday, April 29

I lead such a thrilling life. So thrilling, that this is what I have done since i last updated...

+ Been to work (parents are sunning themselves in spain).
+ Been to the doctors (no more puking, hurrah).
+ Played on the sims so much i got a headache from starting at the computer screen for so long.
+ Knitted a few more inches on Cozy.
+ Read about the end of the world.
+ Washed some alpaca fleece (those laundry bags are GENIUS y'know, seriously).

Uuuh...yeah. That's about it. THRILLING, see?
OHOH, I got my redundancy ££ yesterday, so now I'm richrichrich. Anne says i should buy a spinning wheel. I say i should buy a new car. The other I says i shouldn't spend it all before i can be bothered to look for a new job. DAMN my common sense. Where the hell did that come from anyway? today today. Today I shall...wash up. Empty the dishwasher. Curse the postman for not yet delivering my CDs (Mark Owen's new album, and Rooster) and the Take That documentary that the ever wonderful Anne recorded for me (<3 Anne!). In fact...curse all Earls Barton postmen in general. It's 10:37am and STILL no post! Our bin men come earlier than our post men! (Oh yeah...and i forgot to put the bin out. OOPS!) Aren't post men supposed to get up really early and all that crap? The other week, i saw the postman running up the road as fast as he could, this was in the afternoon! And when he finally did get to our house, know what he did? He delivered us next doors post. Seriously, why can't these morons tell the difference between 48 and 48A?!

Speaking of number 48. They have a kitten. It's very cute. It keeps digging up the garden so dad throws stuff or gets the hosepipe out. It's scared of us now....muhahaaa. I think we should invest in a water pistol.

RIGHT. I need a shower, but i refuse to go up until the postman has been...because as it's a nice sunny day he'll take my CDs back to the post office instead of leaving them round the corner. They only leave things round the corner if it's raining so they go all soggy. The lakeland box was left out there in the pouring rain on tuesday. They didn't even leave a note saying they'd left it there either. If i didn't check there then i never would have known, would i? CURSE THE POSTMAN! CURSE HIM!

Yes. I think i'll shut up now.

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Anonymous said...

UK Chicks who Knit are HOT!!! Love, your secret admirer!