Saturday, May 28

You're all stalkers...

So i signed up for this Site Meter thing to see how many hits my blog's getting...because i like to stalk people who stalk me.
Not only am i amazed at that fact i've had 96 hits in less than a week (i have a website that's been up for about 3 years that has about 200 hits, hah), i'm also facinated by the "referal" section. So now i can see where you all clicked the link to get here...i love it!
Yes, i'm nosey, i don't care ;)

In other news, i have new goodies from Onetribe in my holes (buffalo horn tunnels and bowl plugs...gorgeousness) and i am in the process of making lunch and 2 apple pies. The apples smell YUMMY, which made me hungry, and OH CRAP i think my sausages are burning...

Tuesday, May 24

FreakyTed and the Disappearing Tree

May i introduce to you, FreakyTed...the Teddy with the small head and the strangely positioned arms...

Made with left over bits of Noro Kureyon, 2 strands knit together and kinda felted (He doesn't look very felted at all. I think the felting would have been more effective if it was just 1 strand, then the rest of him would have felted as much as the ears). The pattern was from the book Knit One Felt Too.

And the mystery of the disappearing tree. As i mentioned, i went to London on sunday. This is what had happened once i got home...

Now Jack can see into out back garden from his bedroom window, and instead of the nice tree, we have a view of the Gourlays house. It's a very nice house, but the tree was much nicer, and i'm almost certain it was here before we were.

Monday, May 23

As a couple of people have asked, This is the pattern i used for Marvin. I changed a couple of things, like the bit on his belly...i missed out the pointy bit on the top. And i can't remember what else.

I went to London to meet the wonderful Vicky yesterday and had great fun. She taught me how to eat sushi. I can't believe i ate octopus and squid and fish eggs! (The fish eggs tasted of lemon...we dont know why). Today my feet ache from all the walking we did so i shall sit and knit all day (no change there then!)

Thursday, May 19

I <3 my SP

Oh dearest SP, you are so so so WONDERFUL! Yes, you are! I squealed with delight when the package arrived! And it was all so beautifully wrapped! Unfortuantely, i was far too impatient to wait for my camera battery to charge before ripping it all open!

I got the cutest felted necklace! Those colours are wonderful! And some addi circular needles, and some amazingly tasty chocolate (which i've eaten already, so you don't get a picture of that), and the softest, lovliest dark purple 75% merino 25% silk yarn. It's so nice! And so thin! I've never seen such thin yarn! lol. So, if anyone has any ideas of what i can make with 100g (which is an amazing 1533 yards) of this wonderfulness, do let me know!

And, more yarn pr0n. I went over to the knit tin today, as one does. I needed some more white to finish off marvin (i was gutted, i'd just got down to the bottom of the back, only the back of the arms and legs to do, and i ran out of white!). What did i come out with?

10 balls of rowan calmer in a lovely khaki colour, which will become this, from the rowan calmer collection book.
Yummy yummy!

Now, i am going to stuff marvin (tee hee).

Tuesday, May 17

My First....

I've been playing around and learning how to do things i hadn't done before, or the things i'd done once or twice and hadn't actually understood. I am muchos proud of myself, i have knit my first ever cables!

The one on the left being THE first ever (blurred) cable, the one on the right being the second (third, and fourth) cables. Much prettier. The more you look at and think about the word Cable the more it just seems wrong. So lets move on to...

MARVIN! I have started Marvin. I have Marvins head completed. Another first! The first time i've done fairisle/intarsia (delete as appropriate...i don't know the difference!). It's pretty much a complete knotted mess, but i'm still proud of myself!

I'm using jaeger aqua, which is 100% cotton. It's a complete bitch, my right index finger hurts. But i couldn't find any other yarn that came in white, black AND bright green. And it was only something like £2.50 each, so not too expensive.
He shall be beautiful.

Tuesday, May 10

It is finished! Finally it is finished!

HURRAH! needs blocking and the ends need weaving in, but it's still finished in my book! At last!

So, next projects? Why, a knitted Marvin of course. Life is not complete without knitted depressed robots! A trip to the knit tin is called for.

I dyed my hair this morning. No more roots! No more ginger! A pink towel that is now red! I make a lot of mess when i dye my hair. Usually all over myself more than all over the bathroom. The tshirt i wear in bed is now black with red splodges all over it. The bath's probably red as well. No doubt at least 1 towel is now a delightful shade of orange. Yes, mess is my speciality.

Other than that, i have been eating chocolate cake (I seriously rock when it comes to making chocolate cake, I made it for Mother dearest for her birthday)) and drinking incredibly large cups of tea.

Friday, May 6

I went shopping with Mum the other day, and whilst looking through the exotic fruits something caught my eye. I say caught my more kind've screamed "BUY ME!" at me. A bright pink Dragon Fruit. Who can resist bright pink fruit?! Certainly not me. When i got it home and sliced it in half, it looked even prettier!

Now isn't that just the prettiest fruit you've ever seen? Unfortunately, it has no taste and a weird texture to it so there's no way i'm eating it...but it sure is pretty to look at.

Jobs are still pretty much not here. I did buy the chronicle and echo. And i did read every single thing in there. I was either not qualified or not willing to do any of them. Bah. I'm looking into metalsmithing courses though, so i've sent off for some information on that. I know i said i'd given up on education, but i can see this being slightly more enjoyable than psychology a levels. Though knowing my luck you'll need a levels to get on to the course.

I took Tilly for a walk today. I took her for a walk on tuesday as well, but tuesday i got rained on. A lot. Today was much more fun (though amazingly, i quite enjoyed taking her out in the rain). My theory is that if i take Tilly out a lot then the parents might considering letting me get a dog. God knows i've been trying to persuade them long enough! heh. It was nice and sunny today though. And the rec has been completely empty both times, it's great. All my memories of being up there are of it being completely packed out, either at the carnival or the dreaded days when we did PE lessons up there in the summer. It's nice when it's quiet though. They even have a basket ball court and skate ramps up there now! Just goes to show how long it is since i went there!

Right. I'm sure there was something else i needed to do today...

Monday, May 2

I got slightly bored of working on Cozy the other day, i wanted something quick to finish because i get impatient like that. So i wipped up some ankle socks with 1 ball of colinette prism, i can't remember the colour name, and the colinette website is pretty useless when it comes to colour accuracy. Check out my pasty white legs...

And here is the current Cozy progress...