Thursday, May 19

I <3 my SP

Oh dearest SP, you are so so so WONDERFUL! Yes, you are! I squealed with delight when the package arrived! And it was all so beautifully wrapped! Unfortuantely, i was far too impatient to wait for my camera battery to charge before ripping it all open!

I got the cutest felted necklace! Those colours are wonderful! And some addi circular needles, and some amazingly tasty chocolate (which i've eaten already, so you don't get a picture of that), and the softest, lovliest dark purple 75% merino 25% silk yarn. It's so nice! And so thin! I've never seen such thin yarn! lol. So, if anyone has any ideas of what i can make with 100g (which is an amazing 1533 yards) of this wonderfulness, do let me know!

And, more yarn pr0n. I went over to the knit tin today, as one does. I needed some more white to finish off marvin (i was gutted, i'd just got down to the bottom of the back, only the back of the arms and legs to do, and i ran out of white!). What did i come out with?

10 balls of rowan calmer in a lovely khaki colour, which will become this, from the rowan calmer collection book.
Yummy yummy!

Now, i am going to stuff marvin (tee hee).


Carry said...

Oooooh, I LOVE Calmer!!! And that's a whole lot of it. I'm jealous. ;) And what a great project to make with it.

And you HAVE to take a pic of Marvin the second he is done!!! I need (yes, need not want!) to make one as well, but I have a few WIPs that are gifts so they are the priority.

entrelac said...

1533 yards of laceweight merino/silk. Easy. Lace shawl! :) If you're wanting a more specific answer than that, bug me on the Coffeeshop or via PMs. I'll see what evil nefarious ideas I can send your way. >:)