Friday, May 6

I went shopping with Mum the other day, and whilst looking through the exotic fruits something caught my eye. I say caught my more kind've screamed "BUY ME!" at me. A bright pink Dragon Fruit. Who can resist bright pink fruit?! Certainly not me. When i got it home and sliced it in half, it looked even prettier!

Now isn't that just the prettiest fruit you've ever seen? Unfortunately, it has no taste and a weird texture to it so there's no way i'm eating it...but it sure is pretty to look at.

Jobs are still pretty much not here. I did buy the chronicle and echo. And i did read every single thing in there. I was either not qualified or not willing to do any of them. Bah. I'm looking into metalsmithing courses though, so i've sent off for some information on that. I know i said i'd given up on education, but i can see this being slightly more enjoyable than psychology a levels. Though knowing my luck you'll need a levels to get on to the course.

I took Tilly for a walk today. I took her for a walk on tuesday as well, but tuesday i got rained on. A lot. Today was much more fun (though amazingly, i quite enjoyed taking her out in the rain). My theory is that if i take Tilly out a lot then the parents might considering letting me get a dog. God knows i've been trying to persuade them long enough! heh. It was nice and sunny today though. And the rec has been completely empty both times, it's great. All my memories of being up there are of it being completely packed out, either at the carnival or the dreaded days when we did PE lessons up there in the summer. It's nice when it's quiet though. They even have a basket ball court and skate ramps up there now! Just goes to show how long it is since i went there!

Right. I'm sure there was something else i needed to do today...


peri said...

Love Dragon fruit- the other name for them is strawberry pear. If you chill them really well, they are really refreshing to eat! Yummy!

Fran said...

Wow, I have not seen one of those before.