Tuesday, May 17

My First....

I've been playing around and learning how to do things i hadn't done before, or the things i'd done once or twice and hadn't actually understood. I am muchos proud of myself, i have knit my first ever cables!

The one on the left being THE first ever (blurred) cable, the one on the right being the second (third, and fourth) cables. Much prettier. The more you look at and think about the word Cable the more it just seems wrong. So lets move on to...

MARVIN! I have started Marvin. I have Marvins head completed. Another first! The first time i've done fairisle/intarsia (delete as appropriate...i don't know the difference!). It's pretty much a complete knotted mess, but i'm still proud of myself!

I'm using jaeger aqua, which is 100% cotton. It's a complete bitch, my right index finger hurts. But i couldn't find any other yarn that came in white, black AND bright green. And it was only something like £2.50 each, so not too expensive.
He shall be beautiful.

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Rose said...

Yay Marvin! Which pattern are you using?