Tuesday, June 28


So the other day I decided to buy This Book from Laughing Hens. There were a few patterns in there I liked the look of so I thought "what the heck" and bought it. Now. Click that link. Does it mention the word "crochet" anywhere in there? No, it does not. Why is this the case if more than half the patterns are crochet patterns?! I do not crochet. I have no intention or desire to learn to crochet. Therefore, i have just wasted £7 on a book full of patterns I can't use.
Arseing Hell.

Friday, June 24

A little beastie had a feast on my left leg last night and it itches like a bitch. GAH. Damn bugs. The fact my bedroom is the hottest room in the house isn't enough is it? It has to fill up with BUGs as well!
Thankfully it seems this heat will be letting up for a few days at least. Big thunder storms are forecast for today, and i can't wait! Thunder is my favourite weather.

Ma just bought me this wallet from Queen Bee. They have the most fantastic bags. I got the 7inch record bag for my birthday, and the wallet is payment for working the other week. Woo! Nice goodies!

The car hunt still continues...i should check out autotrader a bit more today i guess.

Thursday, June 23

Two posts in one day obviously means I have nothing better to do on one of the few nice sunny days we have in this country. But I don't care. It's too hot to actually do anything.
We have a pet blackbird in our garden. It comes and watches everything we do when we're in the garden. It was standing outside watching me on the computer this morning, so i took that to mean it wanted its face on the internet. It posed in front of the herbs for me.

We went to see League Of Gentlemen's Apocolypse on tuesday night. It was very funny...though it wasn't as dark and twisted as the TV series. And Papa Lazarou should have been in it more. Good though. On the way home The moon seemed rather freakishly large and bright, so i took photos when i got in.

That makes my street look at least some what interesting. but it really isn't. That's the view from my bedroom window.

This is a very disjointed and random entry. But none of these things actually have anything to do with each other, so it's very hard to make it seem like they do. So, from black birds and moons, on to SOCKS. For yesterdays day in the car i found the perfect Sock Bag.

It's a Kipling pencil case/makeup bag thing. I only bought it because if you spent a certain amount at selfridges you got a bag worth about £30 free! It turns out it's just the right size to fit 1 ball of Lorna's Laces sock yarn, a patially knit sock (plus 2.5mm DPNs), a tape measure, a bag full of stitch markers, a sewing needle, a pen and a pair of scissors. And of course, the socks a guarded by Angelines the Kipling Monkey. Because all socks need guarding!

The socks are coming along very nicely. This is my first attempt at toe-up socks and it is complete and utter genius. I'm the kind of person who either doesn't leave enough yarn to bind off, or has so much left after binding off that there's enough to have knit another inch or so. It's so much worse with socks because you have to account for the toe decreases and the like. So, now my wasted yarn worries are over!

Also, this yarn is gorgeous. I never did finish the socks i started with the yarn Mum got me for christmas, but the colours were driving me potty. These, however, are almost edible. And i have come up with a solution to work out when i need to start the heel, instead of measuring my foot every 5 minutes, just draw a line!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a photo of the bottom of your own foot? I took about 20 photos in 4 different positions and that is the only one that turned out. Please ignore my pasty white legs, they don't see the light of day very often. Just think yourself lucky they're not hairy at the moment!

For a moment there, i almost thought i'd lost this entire entry. I almost threw the computer out the window...
Yesterday i spent possibly the most unpleasant 9 hours of my life sitting in a car with no air conditioning in the 30 degree heat driving through central london. It really was not nice.
Dad and i spent the morning looking for cars, saw a couple we liked...thinking about a Daewoo Matiz at the moment, though i'm quite in love with a smart car i saw, but it was LHD...so probably not such a good idea. Also about £1000 above my budget. There's also the fact they have to go to a Smart dealer to be serviced, so Bob doesn't want me to get one either, heh.
After the car hunting we drove down to London to drop off some rugs. I don't think there's anything worse than being on the north circular at rush hour when it's 30 degrees outside. I did come up with a new use for the cup holder of my Dad's car though...

So i got some sock knitting done!
We then went on to Heathrow to pick up Oli. It took us a good 2 hours to get home. Traffic on the M1 was terrible. And by this time i was feeling rather disgusting, was sick of my hair blowing in my face from the windows being open, and had a pounding headache. So we got home at about 9pm eventually. I never want to do that again! And it has made me realise my new car will most definatly have air conditioning!

Today Mother dearest has gone to Wimbledon, so all you tennis fans you have to watch whoever's on court 1, and look out for my Mum...she's wearing a light green top and a silly hat (though i doubt she'll actually wear the hat...)

Sunday, June 19

God DAMN it's hot. It was 31 degrees when I checked earlier. Too hot to knit...too hot to do anything. The family are coming for a BBQ tonight, muchos fun.
Working tomorrow...I hope it's not as hot as this!

Bah, it's too hot to even write a proper entry on this thing!

Friday, June 17

I got back from babysitting my cousins kids last night and there was £40 on the side. Yes folks, my car was worth a grand total of £40. I still don't have the CD player/CDs and whatever other crap there is in there back, but Bob should be bringing that round today. Ma got me insured on Oli's car for the next week so I can go work for my cousin on Monday and do whatever other crap i need to do...like go look at other cars I guess!
I've never driven a car without power steering before so that should be funny. No CD player in it either! However will i cope? I'll either have to listen to all the crappy old tapes i got for like 50p for 6 at the charity shop when i didn't have a CD player in mine, or see if Oli's tape adapter will work with my Ipod.

Anyway, it seems I'm going to be quite busy over the next two or three weeks...

June 19th - Go to Nottingham to decorate.
June 20th - Work for Matt.
June 22nd - Go with Dad to pick Oli up from the airport.
June 24th-26th - London to visit Anne and Cherie.
June 27th - Looking after Chloe.
July 1st-3rd - London for Live8!

Thursday, June 16

So Long...

My car is officially dead. It went for it's MOT this morning and it'll cost more than it's worth to repair everything that's wrong with it. By the sounds of things, it's amazing it didn't fall apart while i was driving! So, it's being sold for scrap. I'll be relying on the generosity of my parents and brother (when he's home) for the next few weeks while i find myself something new and affordable.
Well, i suppose something bad had to happen at some point this week. But all the fantastic things that have happened more than make up for losing my car. I was thinking of getting a new one anyway!

I had yarn in the post from Get Knitted this morning. The lorna's laces mentioned in the last entry, in fact. It's muchos pretty and soft.

I shall start knitting when i have finished the poncho/shawl/thing i am making with my Swamp coloured HipKnits silk. It won't look quite like that though, because i can't bring myself to knit with 25mm needles..the 12mm ones i'm using drive me crazy enough!

I still don't quite know what to do with the bluebell coloured silk, so any suggestions are muchos welcome! I have 2 hanks, each hank being about 180yds. So yes...suggest things! (But NOT tanks/camis because i would never wear them).

I cooked lobster last night. I have been begging Mum to let me buy some whenever we go into Waitrose and yesterday she finally gave in, so we had lobster tails with a cheese sauce and home made chips. Damn I rock. Seriously.

Tuesday, June 14

Let's have a little more sanity, shall we?

So, a proper update now I have regained the power of speach without screaming and have calmed down slightly.
So, yesterday was quite possibly the best day...ever. I'd been working because the parents were still on holiday. At about half 5 I came home, Mum and Dad had got home, and I had CHERRY JUICE. Now, I was excited enough about the 3 whole cartons of cherry juice and the chocolate Mum and Dad had brought back from Corfu for me...then I had a text message. I walked over to my bag whilst saying to my Mum..."Something's not right, my parents are home, I have cherry juice, and people are sending me text messages! I never get text messages!". Then I actually read it...and screamed very loudly. Then I ran around the house for a couple of minutes, then spent a short time jumping up and down shouting "ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!". Then, I ran next door to tell the neighbours, and Gill said "ooh, and Pink Floyd are playing as well aren't they?". We didn't believe her. When we were taking Oli to the airport a couple of weeks ago we were listening to something about it on Radio2, and they had specifically said Pink Floyd wouldn't be playing because there had been rumours they were. Then she got out the newspaper...and this is The Independant...not some shit like the sun, and there it was..."Pink Floyd to reunite for Live8 concert after 24-year spat" (I like the use of the word Spat). So then Mum screamed even more (Mother is a huuuge Pink Floyd fan) and I ran about a bit more. It's still not quite sunk in. I've emailed the brother, I can't wait to see his reaction! This kind of thing never happens to me! I'm so chuffed, and I can't wait!! *Screams a bit more*.

OH, and even MORE good news, I finally have new bras! And they fit and don't have broken underwire! Woo! This week just keeps getting better! haha.

And, I just had to go and spend some money...I've been having sock making urges, so I've just bought 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces sock yarn in "watercolour"...

And tonight I'm going to the cinema with my cousin and her friend to see Mr and Mrs Smith.

And I need some coffee...

Monday, June 13



Saturday, June 11

Here is the reborn unbiased bag! I spent all of last tuesday frogging this. I had decided it was far too shallow, whenever i took it out i was convinced something was going to fall out without my noticing, so i just never took it out. Now, it is much much better.

As you may be able to tell from the second photo, i added some short rows in the middle so it doesn't go down as deep as before. I also did it slightly less wide than the first one. And it now has a different coloured button. I'm much happier with it now, and it shall be used much more often!

I was just out in the garden watering the plants (and cursing next doors cats for digging up the pots again, the fuckers), and i noticed that the first poppy of the year had popped, so of course i used it as an excuse to play with the supermacro mode on my camera and take photos of flowers...

Wednesday, June 8

Trudie is quite possibly the kindest, most wonderful woman in the world. It seems she read my blog, and saw my complaining about my parents and brother traveling the world while i was stuck at home looking after the business. But she has definatly made my day/week/month with her kindness today...

That, on top of my order, which is quite possibly the most amazing yarn i've ever had the pleasure to fondle...

I've no idea what i'm going to make with it, i think i may just keep it as a pet.

Thank you Trudie!
I think it's time to really start looking for a new car. I was saying I was going to get one before i hit the 100,000 mile mark, but...i don't think that's going to happen, somehow...

Only 11,542 miles of those are mine though.

Monday, June 6

I'm not wearing a bra.

Because it broke.
I have been impaled by an underwire!

I'm sure you all wanted to see my bra. Well...i know Monkee did!

I am weak...

Weak I tell you! I have been sitting here in the shop all day, amusing myself by getting annoyed with the spacebar on this keyboard and reading Terry Pratchett (well...it's not like we've got any customers). Then I click on to Hip Knits, for a bit of yarn pr0n. And what do I see? *Squeal* New colours! None of them sold out! So I have just gone and ordered myself two swamps and two bluebells. I am justifying this with the fact that I am ordering this whilst looking after my parents business, while they're sunning themselves in Corfu (well, they're probably still on the plane. Their flight was delayed from 6am to 1pm! HA!), and my brother is flying to Koh Samui after a 3 day trek on an elephant. And I'm stuck here in England. I deserve yarn! Silk yarn at that!

Sunday, June 5

Glittr decided to start a Shinyshoealong. Personally, i love love love shiny shoes. But, i don't wear shiny shoes. For a few reasons. One, it's a complete and utter mirical if i can find a pair of shoes, shiny or not, that fit, are comfortable, and don't give me blisters after wearing them for an hour. Two, i tend to wear all black, and it looks strange when you wear all black, and suddenly...OMG GLOWING FEET! (This may just be what i see when i look down. I don't know how much attention other people pay to my feet, but it is sometimes a shock when i'm wearnig brown shoes and i look down expecting to see black, and OMG BROWN SHOES!). I'm sure there may be other reasons, but i'm buggered if i can think of them now.
However...my darling mother is the Queen of spangly shoes and flipflops! I give you, a small selection of my mothers Spangly Footwear...

There's maybe 2 or 3 pairs missing there. She may be wearing some as i speak, and she goes on holiday tomorrow so there's probably some already in the suitcase. I am proud of my mothers spangly feet.

And in Knitting news...the back of the top i'm knitting is almost (as in just a couple more rows to go) complete!

Thursday, June 2

I spent roughly 3 hours yesterday filling in a job application form for the DVLA. I swear to god...i'll be happy if i just get the interview. If i get the job, then i will be over the moon. But with a starting salary of £14k (my last job was £10k), 30 days holiday and 10 and a half days public holiday a year, who wouldn't be?!
So the plans for today are post said application form, buy the jobs paper again, and the usual tidying and cleaning up. How dull.
I want to go to London again for fun and games and stuff. And i'm still gutted i missed the last UKnitty meet, so i think we should have another one of them, this time when i'm not ill. (All UKnittyers who agree, SPEAK UP!)

My first ever jumper is coming along nicely. I have ripped it out and started again once, but it looks good! Though at this rate, it may be finished for winter (That's assuming we even have a summer this year. Though summer may have been last weekend).