Tuesday, June 28


So the other day I decided to buy This Book from Laughing Hens. There were a few patterns in there I liked the look of so I thought "what the heck" and bought it. Now. Click that link. Does it mention the word "crochet" anywhere in there? No, it does not. Why is this the case if more than half the patterns are crochet patterns?! I do not crochet. I have no intention or desire to learn to crochet. Therefore, i have just wasted £7 on a book full of patterns I can't use.
Arseing Hell.


helen said...

bummer. they really should tell you. or you could ask around. but yeah, it should say that.....some of the patrterns look crochet-ish to me...then again, i have also seen that awesome Carnival shawl on Knit & Tonic and she mentions crochet and i saw the sling bag on someone elses....

but holly, crochet isn't all that bad...i swear. even Yorkie made crochet ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hol, How did you get on with Chloe on Monday? She said she went on the trampoline "bounce bounce on lean" was what she really said!
Coldplay were amazing, we had an ace day -thankyou!
Did you go and see Sin City? or did you just chill after having The Storm!!!
Thanks once again
Love Ruth and Chloe

katmeow (fr knittyboard) said...

hey holly!
yes yes, I've been blog stalking you...
what can i say? i have stalker tendencies and ninja skillz!!! :)
anywho...i will gladly swap something w/ you for that book! the patterns are really cool, and i want to learn to crochet. okeez...let me know.

holly said...

Sorry Kat, i've already posted it back to them!

jon said...

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