Sunday, June 5

Glittr decided to start a Shinyshoealong. Personally, i love love love shiny shoes. But, i don't wear shiny shoes. For a few reasons. One, it's a complete and utter mirical if i can find a pair of shoes, shiny or not, that fit, are comfortable, and don't give me blisters after wearing them for an hour. Two, i tend to wear all black, and it looks strange when you wear all black, and suddenly...OMG GLOWING FEET! (This may just be what i see when i look down. I don't know how much attention other people pay to my feet, but it is sometimes a shock when i'm wearnig brown shoes and i look down expecting to see black, and OMG BROWN SHOES!). I'm sure there may be other reasons, but i'm buggered if i can think of them now. darling mother is the Queen of spangly shoes and flipflops! I give you, a small selection of my mothers Spangly Footwear...

There's maybe 2 or 3 pairs missing there. She may be wearing some as i speak, and she goes on holiday tomorrow so there's probably some already in the suitcase. I am proud of my mothers spangly feet.

And in Knitting news...the back of the top i'm knitting is almost (as in just a couple more rows to go) complete!

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