Monday, June 6

I am weak...

Weak I tell you! I have been sitting here in the shop all day, amusing myself by getting annoyed with the spacebar on this keyboard and reading Terry Pratchett ('s not like we've got any customers). Then I click on to Hip Knits, for a bit of yarn pr0n. And what do I see? *Squeal* New colours! None of them sold out! So I have just gone and ordered myself two swamps and two bluebells. I am justifying this with the fact that I am ordering this whilst looking after my parents business, while they're sunning themselves in Corfu (well, they're probably still on the plane. Their flight was delayed from 6am to 1pm! HA!), and my brother is flying to Koh Samui after a 3 day trek on an elephant. And I'm stuck here in England. I deserve yarn! Silk yarn at that!

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