Friday, June 17

I got back from babysitting my cousins kids last night and there was £40 on the side. Yes folks, my car was worth a grand total of £40. I still don't have the CD player/CDs and whatever other crap there is in there back, but Bob should be bringing that round today. Ma got me insured on Oli's car for the next week so I can go work for my cousin on Monday and do whatever other crap i need to go look at other cars I guess!
I've never driven a car without power steering before so that should be funny. No CD player in it either! However will i cope? I'll either have to listen to all the crappy old tapes i got for like 50p for 6 at the charity shop when i didn't have a CD player in mine, or see if Oli's tape adapter will work with my Ipod.

Anyway, it seems I'm going to be quite busy over the next two or three weeks...

June 19th - Go to Nottingham to decorate.
June 20th - Work for Matt.
June 22nd - Go with Dad to pick Oli up from the airport.
June 24th-26th - London to visit Anne and Cherie.
June 27th - Looking after Chloe.
July 1st-3rd - London for Live8!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hol. glad you remembered the 27th -Chloe can't wait to play with your piercings!! She'll love the pencil in the ear trick(Yuck!)
Your site is pretty cool-once I'd found out where to read all your info-I'm crap with computers!
Where did Matt and Dawn go??? there never go out? Speak to you soon.
Love Ruth and Chloe X X

holly said...

A guy that lives across the road from them is a musician, they went to see him play.