Thursday, June 2

I spent roughly 3 hours yesterday filling in a job application form for the DVLA. I swear to god...i'll be happy if i just get the interview. If i get the job, then i will be over the moon. But with a starting salary of £14k (my last job was £10k), 30 days holiday and 10 and a half days public holiday a year, who wouldn't be?!
So the plans for today are post said application form, buy the jobs paper again, and the usual tidying and cleaning up. How dull.
I want to go to London again for fun and games and stuff. And i'm still gutted i missed the last UKnitty meet, so i think we should have another one of them, this time when i'm not ill. (All UKnittyers who agree, SPEAK UP!)

My first ever jumper is coming along nicely. I have ripped it out and started again once, but it looks good! Though at this rate, it may be finished for winter (That's assuming we even have a summer this year. Though summer may have been last weekend).

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Carolyn said...

Holly, I missed the last UK Knitty meet up too. I'd love to meet everyone. I thought the event at Ali Pally in October as part of National Knitting Week might be a good one to meet up for?