Friday, June 24

A little beastie had a feast on my left leg last night and it itches like a bitch. GAH. Damn bugs. The fact my bedroom is the hottest room in the house isn't enough is it? It has to fill up with BUGs as well!
Thankfully it seems this heat will be letting up for a few days at least. Big thunder storms are forecast for today, and i can't wait! Thunder is my favourite weather.

Ma just bought me this wallet from Queen Bee. They have the most fantastic bags. I got the 7inch record bag for my birthday, and the wallet is payment for working the other week. Woo! Nice goodies!

The car hunt still continues...i should check out autotrader a bit more today i guess.


Rachy said...

The wallet is very pretty. I want this bag - inspired by a tangled ball of yarn, no less! It's a shame my birthday is in November :( I'll have to wait!

Melissa said...

hi there... I was just reading your posts on knitty about the Cozy shawl... did you finish it? How did it come out?? I was thinking of starting it, so I was wondering.
Nice blog!