Thursday, June 16

So Long...

My car is officially dead. It went for it's MOT this morning and it'll cost more than it's worth to repair everything that's wrong with it. By the sounds of things, it's amazing it didn't fall apart while i was driving! So, it's being sold for scrap. I'll be relying on the generosity of my parents and brother (when he's home) for the next few weeks while i find myself something new and affordable.
Well, i suppose something bad had to happen at some point this week. But all the fantastic things that have happened more than make up for losing my car. I was thinking of getting a new one anyway!

I had yarn in the post from Get Knitted this morning. The lorna's laces mentioned in the last entry, in fact. It's muchos pretty and soft.

I shall start knitting when i have finished the poncho/shawl/thing i am making with my Swamp coloured HipKnits silk. It won't look quite like that though, because i can't bring myself to knit with 25mm needles..the 12mm ones i'm using drive me crazy enough!

I still don't quite know what to do with the bluebell coloured silk, so any suggestions are muchos welcome! I have 2 hanks, each hank being about 180yds. So yes...suggest things! (But NOT tanks/camis because i would never wear them).

I cooked lobster last night. I have been begging Mum to let me buy some whenever we go into Waitrose and yesterday she finally gave in, so we had lobster tails with a cheese sauce and home made chips. Damn I rock. Seriously.

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