Wednesday, June 8

Trudie is quite possibly the kindest, most wonderful woman in the world. It seems she read my blog, and saw my complaining about my parents and brother traveling the world while i was stuck at home looking after the business. But she has definatly made my day/week/month with her kindness today...

That, on top of my order, which is quite possibly the most amazing yarn i've ever had the pleasure to fondle...

I've no idea what i'm going to make with it, i think i may just keep it as a pet.

Thank you Trudie!

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Carolyn said...

You lucky girl! Trudie is lovely. She is going to dye some of our mohair for us when we get it processed into yarn.

The silk is beautiful isn't it?

I'm thinking my Swamp might be good for one of the Rowan Summer Tweed collection patterns.