Thursday, June 23

Two posts in one day obviously means I have nothing better to do on one of the few nice sunny days we have in this country. But I don't care. It's too hot to actually do anything.
We have a pet blackbird in our garden. It comes and watches everything we do when we're in the garden. It was standing outside watching me on the computer this morning, so i took that to mean it wanted its face on the internet. It posed in front of the herbs for me.

We went to see League Of Gentlemen's Apocolypse on tuesday night. It was very funny...though it wasn't as dark and twisted as the TV series. And Papa Lazarou should have been in it more. Good though. On the way home The moon seemed rather freakishly large and bright, so i took photos when i got in.

That makes my street look at least some what interesting. but it really isn't. That's the view from my bedroom window.

This is a very disjointed and random entry. But none of these things actually have anything to do with each other, so it's very hard to make it seem like they do. So, from black birds and moons, on to SOCKS. For yesterdays day in the car i found the perfect Sock Bag.

It's a Kipling pencil case/makeup bag thing. I only bought it because if you spent a certain amount at selfridges you got a bag worth about £30 free! It turns out it's just the right size to fit 1 ball of Lorna's Laces sock yarn, a patially knit sock (plus 2.5mm DPNs), a tape measure, a bag full of stitch markers, a sewing needle, a pen and a pair of scissors. And of course, the socks a guarded by Angelines the Kipling Monkey. Because all socks need guarding!

The socks are coming along very nicely. This is my first attempt at toe-up socks and it is complete and utter genius. I'm the kind of person who either doesn't leave enough yarn to bind off, or has so much left after binding off that there's enough to have knit another inch or so. It's so much worse with socks because you have to account for the toe decreases and the like. So, now my wasted yarn worries are over!

Also, this yarn is gorgeous. I never did finish the socks i started with the yarn Mum got me for christmas, but the colours were driving me potty. These, however, are almost edible. And i have come up with a solution to work out when i need to start the heel, instead of measuring my foot every 5 minutes, just draw a line!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a photo of the bottom of your own foot? I took about 20 photos in 4 different positions and that is the only one that turned out. Please ignore my pasty white legs, they don't see the light of day very often. Just think yourself lucky they're not hairy at the moment!

For a moment there, i almost thought i'd lost this entire entry. I almost threw the computer out the window...

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