Thursday, June 23

Yesterday i spent possibly the most unpleasant 9 hours of my life sitting in a car with no air conditioning in the 30 degree heat driving through central london. It really was not nice.
Dad and i spent the morning looking for cars, saw a couple we liked...thinking about a Daewoo Matiz at the moment, though i'm quite in love with a smart car i saw, but it was probably not such a good idea. Also about £1000 above my budget. There's also the fact they have to go to a Smart dealer to be serviced, so Bob doesn't want me to get one either, heh.
After the car hunting we drove down to London to drop off some rugs. I don't think there's anything worse than being on the north circular at rush hour when it's 30 degrees outside. I did come up with a new use for the cup holder of my Dad's car though...

So i got some sock knitting done!
We then went on to Heathrow to pick up Oli. It took us a good 2 hours to get home. Traffic on the M1 was terrible. And by this time i was feeling rather disgusting, was sick of my hair blowing in my face from the windows being open, and had a pounding headache. So we got home at about 9pm eventually. I never want to do that again! And it has made me realise my new car will most definatly have air conditioning!

Today Mother dearest has gone to Wimbledon, so all you tennis fans you have to watch whoever's on court 1, and look out for my Mum...she's wearing a light green top and a silly hat (though i doubt she'll actually wear the hat...)

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