Thursday, July 28


I had the bright idea of decorating my bathroom yesterday. Now my back/legs/arms/eyebrows ache, and i still have to do another coat of white, and go out and choose/buy the paint for the top half of the walls.

And I've been tagged by the Knitted Terrorists (Have your homes been raided yet for having a name like that?)

Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies. Then, if you wish, tag five people from your live gerbil or friendslist to do the same. (What the hell is a live gerbil? Is it like a live Hamster?)

1 - I hate long fingernails. As soon as my nails grow even slightly, i cut them off. They get in the way of typing and knitting and doing up trousers and stuff. I hate the feeling of having long nails, it creeps me out.

2 - I'm the only person in this house who can load the dishwasher properly. I always have to take everything out and re do it, so i can fit about 7 more things in.

3 - I like to tidy. A lot. I think it's annoying the parents because I keep tidying things up that they're using or want leaving out. Power tools in the kitchen is the most annoying.

4 - I hate going to places i've never been to before on my own. Even if someone i know is going to be there. I always think i'll get lost or turn up 2 hours early, or the person i'm meeting won't be there or something like that.

5 - I am never late. It is impossible for me to be late. Sometimes i'm on time. Most of the time I'm early. I one tried to turn up for work late because i knew i'd be sitting in my car in the middle of december at 7am waiting for someone with keys to the factory to turn up. So i left 10 minutes later than i usually do. I was still 5 minutes early.

Wednesday, July 27

It is 8:08am. I have been awake for exactly 37 minutes. Why was I awake at 7:32 on a wednesday? A day I have no plans for except knitting, watching crap on TV, and maybe decoratingthe bathroom. Oh, how I wish I knew. Waking up early isn't so painful when you have someone else to blame, but Mum and Dad left with Oli and Nick to go to the airport at something silly like 4am. So I couldn't even blame them. (I will, however, take a moment to once again mention how disgusting my brother is in the bathroom. Usually it's phlegm in the bath, or towels all over the floor. This time it was a pile of hair on the windowsil which he decided to ignore yesterday when cutting his hair. A pile of hair he has left for his darling sister to clean up, despite the number of times she said "Clean up the fucking hair! That's gross!". It's still there. Actually, come to think of it, he did the same thing before he went to Thailand, except that was in the sink so slightly easier to clean up.)
So I woke up at 7:32. With a sodding headache. And now I am bored already, a mere 43 minutes later. Hence the updating and the complaining and the not making sense.
It's raining as well. And I have to socialise tonight, because it's Sarah's birthday and I said I'd go over to Sally's. Ugh, I hate socialising.

So, to sum up. I'm tired. I have a headache. I hate my brother. It's raining. I'm antisocial.

Tuesday, July 26


I have finished the bag! I love the bag!

Pattern: Marina from 25 Bags To Knit
Yarn: HipKnits silk in Bluebells

The pattern pretty much sucked, what with the front being about 2cm smaller width and lengthwise than the back, resulting in some ferocious blocking. And there's mistakes in the pattern as well. But i am a genius so I can just ignore those and do it properly. Still, LOVE the bag. It will need lining, and maybe something to re-enforce the handles like card or plastic or something. Or i might just keep it as a pet and stroke it.

Yesterday I went to Olney with Sally and Sarah. We shopped, and drank tea, and shopped, and were distraught when we found out the chocolate shop is closing in August. But we made not one, but two trips to The Knit Tin so that made up for it. I got myself some brittany birch needles, and something for my SP which I will not mention because she knows who I am now! We also came home and made a mess in the kitchen. Chocolate cake! To make up for the fact that the chocolate shop was closed. Lots of singing along to Take That and Hanson. What? Don't look at me like that. I have fantastic taste in music, thankyouverymuch.

Talking of SP's, another huge thankyou to mine! I had another fantastic package yesterday morning! 4 balls of kid mohair in the most gorgeous green, which seems impossible to photograph for some reason, so i shall leave that to your imagination! Also some 5mm circular bamboo needles, and a Moomins book! Which brough back memories of sitting in the living room with Sally, Tom and *** at 4am, incredibly drunk and half asleep, watching the moomins and generally thinking "what the fuck?". And I still have no clue who she is. I suck at the detective thing!

Now I am jumping on the bandwagon, last night I cast on for the oh-so-famous Clapotis. I'm using my hipknits silk in Swamp, which you can see sticking out the top of the bag up there. It is not, however, a full size clapotis. It's a thinner one, more scarf like. So today I shall be knitting that, because I only managed to get to row 11 last night before realising i was about to fall asleep and would probably end up doing something drastically wrong. As well as that, today I will be tidying and cleaning and stuff, because Oli comes home tonight with his friend Nick, only to fly off to Finland tomorrow morning to work for a month in a hospital in a place called Oulu, which makes me laugh whenever I say it. Maybe he'll meet my SP! She lives in Finland, I know that much! No idea if she's anywhere near Oulu though. (Haha...Oulu).

Tuesday, July 19

Just a quick post with a couple of photos. I started on the cabled bag from "25 bags to knit" last night with my HipKnits silk in Blubell. I love the way this stuff knits up, it's just gorgeous. And this pattern is lovely too, so simple.

And The Sock. I was just stood in the garden trying to find the best way to take a photo of my own foot. I'm glad the neighbours didn't see, there is a slight possibility I would have looked like a complete and utter twat.


I got the job!

As of August 15th I will be working for the DVLA on a starting salary of £15k, with 6 weeks holiday plus 10 days public holiday a year.
I guess they did ignore the bumbling buffoon and were impressed by the training people who didn't speak english and the redesigning the shop website and the like.

Now i might go and buy that Mini that's for sale down the road.

Monday, July 18

Ferrets, Weasles, Stotes and Mice.

Today I went to work with Ma, as Dad is still deaf and stuff from the operation. I spent an hour an half talking to Julie at the knit tin (I do apologise, I have a habit of never shutting the hell up), because what with the dead car and the lack of money and stuff, I'd not been in for soooo long (too long). I didn't actually realise I was in there so long until I got back to the shop and Mum asked where the hell I'd been. I have acquired some metal 2.5mm DPNs, because when I'm knitting socks on bamboos it feels like they're always about to snap (and because metal ones make much better weapons, which is important in a knitting needle), and the "25 Bags To Knit" book. I think i shall be making The cabled bag out of some of my hip knits silk. I'll have to get something sexy to line it with too. Also, the chunky red beaded bag (I think it's called Cranberry) is absolutely gorgeous, and that is on The List as well.
There were more discoveries of people I've never spoken to mentioning my blog. Whoever you were, I'm glad you were so concerned about Mum and Dad chopping down the tree. I'm still distraught. Yesterday we had to go out and buy a giant umbrella to put in the table, because guess what? There's not enough shade in the garden any more. Much eye rolling and tutting on my part. After twenty whole years they still have yet to realised that I am always right.
Oh, and my yarn stash will be growing even more when I go down to help out at the Knitting and Stitching show in October. (I'll be there on the 15th. Ruth, you'll have to have Chloe's birthday party on the Sunday instead of the Saturday!) I really hope I get this job, otherwise I might come home in some serious debt!

Talking of the job, the post man is still torturing me. I know I've complained about late/lost deliveries in the past, but not bringing news of this job is just cruel. CRUEL I tell you.

Oh, and as I haven't actually mentioned anything even slightly related to anything I've been knitting in a fair while, Sock One is finished! There will be photos coming soon I'm sure, probably tomorrow. I started on Sock Two today, and a customer commented on how clever it was that I was knitting with four knitting needles. She really did seem quite impressed. Her husband commented "I didn't think anyone did things like that any more". The top from the rowan book (can't remember which one, that's how good I am) is coming along slowly. The back is done, and half the front is finished now. I'm about to devide the neck. I'm worried about length because I missed out about 10 rows on the back because I'm using a different needle size, so it may end up the front is an inch or so longer than the back. Then I'd be very pissed off, and probably put it somewhere and not talk to it for a while. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out anyway. Maybe one day I'll find a pattern that I'll actually follow properly, yarns and needles included. That would be amazing.

Sunday, July 17

Still no news on the job. I'm starting to get impatient now (though Mum's still more nervous about it than me). They said the end of the week as well...hopefully i'll hear something tomorrow.

Dad had his op on his ear on thursday. We thought he'd be coming home friday but we went to see him thursday night and they said he could come home! So i've been looking after him for the last couple of days. He beat me at scrabble yesterday by getting 39 points for "wept", and 35 points for "maze". I did get "septic" and "gory" though so i get the best word of the game award.

Last night we went to the Coach and Horses with the family for dinner. The reason I got a 4 door Mum doesn't have to climb into the back when she's pissed! I love my new car, oh yes i do. She needs a name though. So far the most amusing suggestion i've had is Maud. But she's not a very Maud looking car. So everyone needs to suggest names for my car!

Town was fun, if incredibly hot. Northampton doesn't cope well with 31 degrees. I did shop though. 2 more books (even though i bought 3 the day before in MK), Big Fish on DVD (<3 Tim Burton!), and i'm sure there was something else but i can't remember what it was so it obviously wasn't that exciting, really.

Today I wanted to go to the Art In Action thing in Oxford. We went a couple of years ago and it was really good. My auntie reminded us about it the other day and we forgot again, but we were reminded again last night. Mum doesn't want to go though, so looks like i'll be waiting another year (when i'll probably forget about it...again).

Thursday, July 14

Bring Back Winter.

I do not like this weather. This is the kind of weather you're supposed to leave the country to get. Except in every other country in the world apart from England they have this wonder called air conditioning, which you only get in cars and big shopping centers here. I woke up at about 2am, all sweaty and gross. Couldn't get back to sleep again. So I gave in and opened my window (i hate sleeping with my window open...bugs get in). After about an hour i was just dropping off and then COO FUCKING COO. The FUCKING PIGEONS. We have the loudest pigeons in the world in our front garden. We also have 4 trees in our tiny front garden. Full of fucking pigeons. They like to sit as close to my window as they can and make as much noise as possible.
So. Not much sleep last night.

Now, i am going to get dressed because Sally just rang and we're going to Nothampton, just for the hell of it. Yay.

Tuesday, July 12

I just remembered i can quite easily upload photos to here without having to unplug things and the like, so i have photos of my packages from my wonderful SP!

So in there is some delicious coffee, some wonderful Naturwolle yarn which shall become a scarf that will no doubt be worn to death this winter (i miss winter), some adorable bear shaped point protectors for my DPNS, some cable needles and some rather strange sweets! I got 3 packages in 2 days! My postman says i'm keeping him in a job, lol.
Thank you to my wonderful SP! (Who is in Finland...but that's all i can work out! Noone on the coffeeshop has Finland listed as their location!)

Monday, July 11


I'm hoping the kind ladies that have just interviewed me will ignore the fact that i am a stuttering, mumbling, shaking buffoon and give me a job. I'm hoping they'll ignore the fact my mouth was so dry i could hardly swallow, but if i had picked up that jug of water we all know i was shaking so much it would have gone everywhere.
I'm hoping they realise that i don't always waffle on and on and on and on and on about entirely the wrong things like there's no tomorrow. Also, i'm hoping they'll excuse the long pauses where i didn't have a clue what to say and just looked like they'd slapped me in the face.
I swear, if i get this job, it'll be a fucking mirical.

Now, i'm going to go and cheer myself up after this complete and utter balls up by buying some more gorgeous yarn from HipKnits, even though i still have 4 balls i still haven't used.

At least they didn't realise i don't have any tax on my car, right?

Saturday, July 9

We decided to buy a new computer desk on Thursday. One of those moments of madness, kinda thing. So in about 2 hours I managed to unplug and move my computer, printer, scanner, and everything else wired up in this corner, dismantle the desk Dad had built and get it out in to the back garden (this involved lots of swearing and pushing and kicking to get it through the doorway), construct a desk, shelves and drawers, sort out all the wires and plug everything back in again. I was most impressed. I am the flat pack construction queen. Everything is much neater in here now and I have a lot more desk space for crap, now the printer fits on a shelf. Of course not everything went to plan, and the network cable which goes up through the wall, through the hallway and into Dad's study, doesn't reach the CPU in it's new position. So the plan is to get a wireless network card and use that instead. At the moment i'm on the wireless on the laptop, so my PC is being used for music and this is being used for internetting. I love using the laptop, i type much faster on here, and the keyboard is much quieter. I might buy a new keyboard when i go and get the network card.

Muchos pissed off with postmen at the moment. There's strikes at the sorting offices in Northampton and Wellingborough, so my insurance certificate for my car still hasn't arrive. This means i still can't buy tax, so i can't drive my car! It's very frustrating. The ironic thing about this is i have an interview at the DVLA on monday, for a job dealing with people who haven't paid their car tax or declared their car as off the road. I don't think turning up in a car without any tax would be a good first impression, do you? So it better come Monday morning so i can go and buy tax. Oh god, i hope i have enough money! I've spent a grand total of £3557 in the last week. I feel so poor now. I better get this job!

Well, i've been working for my cousin for the last 2 days, and i am again tomorrow, so that's going towards tax money i guess. I owe Dad £100 too, and i've not paid rent yet this month. Oh hell, i really need this job.
I was painting Matt's new warehouse today and i got covered head to toe in paint. God knows how, but it was even up my legs, and i'd been wearing my jeans all day. Amazingly, i've just got my clothes out the washing machine and there's not a trace of paint left on them. I'm impressed. And i don't have to worry about buying new jeans! (There is nothing worse than having to buy a new pair of jeans. Nothing you try on is as comfortable as the pair you're replacing. Yes, i'm the kind of person who wears one pair of trousers all the time until they wear out and i have to buy new ones).

In other news, this week i have mostly been listening to James Blunt and Rob Thomas. Fantastic albums, everyone should buy them.

Thursday, July 7

There have been 6 explosions on buses and the underground across London.

I hope all you London folk are ok.

Tuesday, July 5

New Wheels

Dad and I drove all the way to Nottingham today to look at a car. We bought it though so it was worth the drive!

Fiat Punto Active 1.2l 5door complete with "girly button" (power steering booster). For the bargain price of £2894 (£100 taken off because the CD player doesn't work, but that doesn't matter because i've got the one from my fiesta that i can put in it). It's an 02 reg but was only registered in 03, 33,000 miles, still has some time left on the manufacturers warantee as well.
I managed to get insurance through the AA for £650 fully comp. I was paying £700 third party on my fiesta, and the post office quoted me £900 third party for a punto active sport (i don't think there's any difference between and active and an active sport).
We should be going back up to pick it up on thursday, or Mum and Dad will go up friday (i'm working for my cousin again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday), it depends on when they want to decorate Oli's bathroom.

Oh, and i went for an informal visit thing at the DVLA on monday, which went pretty well. My interview is on monday afternoon. According to the woman who showed us around, there's 13 positions and 20 people being interview, so it seems promising to me. I hope I get it. My bank account is now depressingly empty.

Monday, July 4

Warning: lots of photos!

Where do I start? Really, I've no idea how I can possibly beging to describe what it was like being there. For now I shall leave that to the photos. I'm not going to post all of them here because those of you without broadband may go insane waiting for all of them to load. If you go to my photobucket album, most of them will be uploaded there eventually.

So. We left home on friday afternoon, because a friend had lent us her flat near canary warf for the weekend. I'd never been to that part of London before...going out for dinner on friday night and seeing all the sheep people dressed in the same suits crammed in to bars playing music you couldn't hear because the people were shouting to be heard over it. It reminded me why I could never ever live in a city. That kind of place is my idea of a nightmare. That part of London is very surreal though, like something out of a film.

Saturday morning we left the flat at just after 9am, and got the tube to bond street station. The further we walked along Oxford Street, the bigger the crowds got. At about 10am, we finally got in to what appeared to be The Queue. The sign in the left hand photo says "Show Entrance Queue Starts 700m". The photo on the right is the amount of people who were behind us at that point. (You can click on all the photos for bigger versions).

That turned out to be the queue to get in to the queue to get in to The Queue. It carried on until you actually got into the park itself, where the queue to join The Queue started. There was a fair bit of waiting round here, for the main gates to open I guess.

After that, things moved pretty quickly, and we were in! We found a spot where we had a good view of one of the big screens where there was a bit of room. We didn't want to go right to the front because of the Golden Circle, full of the corporate people who were sipping free champagne who had the £1000 a head tickets, and didn't seem to care about being there at all. So, we claimed out spot and stayed there.

So. Then the music started! You can go to the photobucket album to see all the photos, but Pink Floyd were There is no way to explain what they're like! Completely and utterly amazing. Robbie Williams was on top form, as always. The Scissor Sisters were fantastic, and Annie Lennox was incredible. Mariah Carey was a complete waste of space. I can not take someone like Snoop Dog seriously when he wears pigtails and swears so much.
It really was an incredible weekend. I don't know what more I can say about it. If you haven't already done it, go to and sign The Live8 List.

Friday, July 1


We're packing for Live8! Live8 needs packing for? Well, it seems we're taking enough stuff for 2 weeks in London at the moment, but we're only going to be there 2 nights! We're leaving this afternoon and staying in my aunties friends flat, and coming home sunday. So so far we have cold and hot weather clothes (though the forecast is 27 degrees! Damn!), food for tomorrow, knitting, camera, book, phone, a large pile of shampoo, hair stuff and the like...well, the point is, it's a hell of a lot of stuff! And we have to get it all down there on the train, haha. So tomorrow I shall be at Live8, knitting, and getting sunburned.

I can't wait!