Thursday, July 14

Bring Back Winter.

I do not like this weather. This is the kind of weather you're supposed to leave the country to get. Except in every other country in the world apart from England they have this wonder called air conditioning, which you only get in cars and big shopping centers here. I woke up at about 2am, all sweaty and gross. Couldn't get back to sleep again. So I gave in and opened my window (i hate sleeping with my window open...bugs get in). After about an hour i was just dropping off and then COO FUCKING COO. The FUCKING PIGEONS. We have the loudest pigeons in the world in our front garden. We also have 4 trees in our tiny front garden. Full of fucking pigeons. They like to sit as close to my window as they can and make as much noise as possible.
So. Not much sleep last night.

Now, i am going to get dressed because Sally just rang and we're going to Nothampton, just for the hell of it. Yay.


stitchingmitch said...

oh wow! another nporthampton knitter! hiiii! *waves* i hate this weather too, northampton is *not* supposed to be sunny.

holly said...

Definatly not supposed to be hot 'round here. I can't believe i spent the day in town when it was 31 degrees!

diary of a knitknit said...

It's been ever so hot here as well and I was sooo pleased when it started raining the other day. I'd be very happy to have the coooing outside my windows. There are loads of swallows living just under the roof and they have the habit of pooing on our windows almost every day...wanna change?

holly said...

I'd gladly swap pooping swallows for the worlds loudest pigeons! The window cleaner can deal with the poop! lol