Monday, July 11


I'm hoping the kind ladies that have just interviewed me will ignore the fact that i am a stuttering, mumbling, shaking buffoon and give me a job. I'm hoping they'll ignore the fact my mouth was so dry i could hardly swallow, but if i had picked up that jug of water we all know i was shaking so much it would have gone everywhere.
I'm hoping they realise that i don't always waffle on and on and on and on and on about entirely the wrong things like there's no tomorrow. Also, i'm hoping they'll excuse the long pauses where i didn't have a clue what to say and just looked like they'd slapped me in the face.
I swear, if i get this job, it'll be a fucking mirical.

Now, i'm going to go and cheer myself up after this complete and utter balls up by buying some more gorgeous yarn from HipKnits, even though i still have 4 balls i still haven't used.

At least they didn't realise i don't have any tax on my car, right?


troodle said...

Poor you, but don't worry too much. Interviewers don't allow themselves to be put off by nerves, they know how you are feeling. They look beyond that. Don't give up hope yet!

diary of a knitknit said...

I hope they see beyond what they saw yesterday and that you get the job! Go treat yourself some gorgeous yarn, you've earnt it.