Monday, July 18

Ferrets, Weasles, Stotes and Mice.

Today I went to work with Ma, as Dad is still deaf and stuff from the operation. I spent an hour an half talking to Julie at the knit tin (I do apologise, I have a habit of never shutting the hell up), because what with the dead car and the lack of money and stuff, I'd not been in for soooo long (too long). I didn't actually realise I was in there so long until I got back to the shop and Mum asked where the hell I'd been. I have acquired some metal 2.5mm DPNs, because when I'm knitting socks on bamboos it feels like they're always about to snap (and because metal ones make much better weapons, which is important in a knitting needle), and the "25 Bags To Knit" book. I think i shall be making The cabled bag out of some of my hip knits silk. I'll have to get something sexy to line it with too. Also, the chunky red beaded bag (I think it's called Cranberry) is absolutely gorgeous, and that is on The List as well.
There were more discoveries of people I've never spoken to mentioning my blog. Whoever you were, I'm glad you were so concerned about Mum and Dad chopping down the tree. I'm still distraught. Yesterday we had to go out and buy a giant umbrella to put in the table, because guess what? There's not enough shade in the garden any more. Much eye rolling and tutting on my part. After twenty whole years they still have yet to realised that I am always right.
Oh, and my yarn stash will be growing even more when I go down to help out at the Knitting and Stitching show in October. (I'll be there on the 15th. Ruth, you'll have to have Chloe's birthday party on the Sunday instead of the Saturday!) I really hope I get this job, otherwise I might come home in some serious debt!

Talking of the job, the post man is still torturing me. I know I've complained about late/lost deliveries in the past, but not bringing news of this job is just cruel. CRUEL I tell you.

Oh, and as I haven't actually mentioned anything even slightly related to anything I've been knitting in a fair while, Sock One is finished! There will be photos coming soon I'm sure, probably tomorrow. I started on Sock Two today, and a customer commented on how clever it was that I was knitting with four knitting needles. She really did seem quite impressed. Her husband commented "I didn't think anyone did things like that any more". The top from the rowan book (can't remember which one, that's how good I am) is coming along slowly. The back is done, and half the front is finished now. I'm about to devide the neck. I'm worried about length because I missed out about 10 rows on the back because I'm using a different needle size, so it may end up the front is an inch or so longer than the back. Then I'd be very pissed off, and probably put it somewhere and not talk to it for a while. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out anyway. Maybe one day I'll find a pattern that I'll actually follow properly, yarns and needles included. That would be amazing.

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