Tuesday, July 12

I just remembered i can quite easily upload photos to here without having to unplug things and the like, so i have photos of my packages from my wonderful SP!

So in there is some delicious coffee, some wonderful Naturwolle yarn which shall become a scarf that will no doubt be worn to death this winter (i miss winter), some adorable bear shaped point protectors for my DPNS, some cable needles and some rather strange sweets! I got 3 packages in 2 days! My postman says i'm keeping him in a job, lol.
Thank you to my wonderful SP! (Who is in Finland...but that's all i can work out! Noone on the coffeeshop has Finland listed as their location!)


Ms S. Pal said...

Hehe ... I was about to say that all shall be revealed, but realized I don't quite know how. What would be most fun, to let you know in package number three (which is in the works) or on the board? Or a separate note later?

glittrgirl said...

metamomo is in finland...... ;)