Wednesday, July 27

It is 8:08am. I have been awake for exactly 37 minutes. Why was I awake at 7:32 on a wednesday? A day I have no plans for except knitting, watching crap on TV, and maybe decoratingthe bathroom. Oh, how I wish I knew. Waking up early isn't so painful when you have someone else to blame, but Mum and Dad left with Oli and Nick to go to the airport at something silly like 4am. So I couldn't even blame them. (I will, however, take a moment to once again mention how disgusting my brother is in the bathroom. Usually it's phlegm in the bath, or towels all over the floor. This time it was a pile of hair on the windowsil which he decided to ignore yesterday when cutting his hair. A pile of hair he has left for his darling sister to clean up, despite the number of times she said "Clean up the fucking hair! That's gross!". It's still there. Actually, come to think of it, he did the same thing before he went to Thailand, except that was in the sink so slightly easier to clean up.)
So I woke up at 7:32. With a sodding headache. And now I am bored already, a mere 43 minutes later. Hence the updating and the complaining and the not making sense.
It's raining as well. And I have to socialise tonight, because it's Sarah's birthday and I said I'd go over to Sally's. Ugh, I hate socialising.

So, to sum up. I'm tired. I have a headache. I hate my brother. It's raining. I'm antisocial.

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And to make things worse, youse is tagged!