Friday, July 1


We're packing for Live8! Live8 needs packing for? Well, it seems we're taking enough stuff for 2 weeks in London at the moment, but we're only going to be there 2 nights! We're leaving this afternoon and staying in my aunties friends flat, and coming home sunday. So so far we have cold and hot weather clothes (though the forecast is 27 degrees! Damn!), food for tomorrow, knitting, camera, book, phone, a large pile of shampoo, hair stuff and the like...well, the point is, it's a hell of a lot of stuff! And we have to get it all down there on the train, haha. So tomorrow I shall be at Live8, knitting, and getting sunburned.

I can't wait!


Kat Meow said...

That sounds so fun!!! What project would you be working on???
About the book, it's no problem. I've bookmarked the site so I could order from them later. :)

holly said...

It's a really good book if you can crochet as well as knit! Unfortunately every single pattern that i wanted to make out in it was crochet, i didn't like any of the knit ones.

I'm taking my lorna's laces socks with me. We already have 2 backs backed full of stuff and a suitcase, so i'm taking small things with me! hehe.

Peatbogfaery said...

Hope you're having a great time Holly!

Steph said...

Hurry up and post, I wanna hear about the show!! :) Hope you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to hear all about Live8, looked 4 u on the telly but I think a really tall person was in the way!!! Thanx 4 email, photo's r cool.
Love Ruth xxx