Tuesday, July 5

New Wheels

Dad and I drove all the way to Nottingham today to look at a car. We bought it though so it was worth the drive!

Fiat Punto Active 1.2l 5door complete with "girly button" (power steering booster). For the bargain price of £2894 (£100 taken off because the CD player doesn't work, but that doesn't matter because i've got the one from my fiesta that i can put in it). It's an 02 reg but was only registered in 03, 33,000 miles, still has some time left on the manufacturers warantee as well.
I managed to get insurance through the AA for £650 fully comp. I was paying £700 third party on my fiesta, and the post office quoted me £900 third party for a punto active sport (i don't think there's any difference between and active and an active sport).
We should be going back up to pick it up on thursday, or Mum and Dad will go up friday (i'm working for my cousin again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday), it depends on when they want to decorate Oli's bathroom.

Oh, and i went for an informal visit thing at the DVLA on monday, which went pretty well. My interview is on monday afternoon. According to the woman who showed us around, there's 13 positions and 20 people being interview, so it seems promising to me. I hope I get it. My bank account is now depressingly empty.

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