Sunday, July 17

Still no news on the job. I'm starting to get impatient now (though Mum's still more nervous about it than me). They said the end of the week as well...hopefully i'll hear something tomorrow.

Dad had his op on his ear on thursday. We thought he'd be coming home friday but we went to see him thursday night and they said he could come home! So i've been looking after him for the last couple of days. He beat me at scrabble yesterday by getting 39 points for "wept", and 35 points for "maze". I did get "septic" and "gory" though so i get the best word of the game award.

Last night we went to the Coach and Horses with the family for dinner. The reason I got a 4 door Mum doesn't have to climb into the back when she's pissed! I love my new car, oh yes i do. She needs a name though. So far the most amusing suggestion i've had is Maud. But she's not a very Maud looking car. So everyone needs to suggest names for my car!

Town was fun, if incredibly hot. Northampton doesn't cope well with 31 degrees. I did shop though. 2 more books (even though i bought 3 the day before in MK), Big Fish on DVD (<3 Tim Burton!), and i'm sure there was something else but i can't remember what it was so it obviously wasn't that exciting, really.

Today I wanted to go to the Art In Action thing in Oxford. We went a couple of years ago and it was really good. My auntie reminded us about it the other day and we forgot again, but we were reminded again last night. Mum doesn't want to go though, so looks like i'll be waiting another year (when i'll probably forget about it...again).


Elisabeth said...

Hmmm car names...the first name I think of looking at your car pic is Margaux, I think I've been watching too much Punky Brewster. :-)

cynds said...

called tina, or simon, or sandra, or jonathan :P

holly said...

I'm assuming here that Nick is Nicky. Because...well...sandra? Jonathan? PFFT.

I think it should be called GINA!