Monday, July 4

Warning: lots of photos!

Where do I start? Really, I've no idea how I can possibly beging to describe what it was like being there. For now I shall leave that to the photos. I'm not going to post all of them here because those of you without broadband may go insane waiting for all of them to load. If you go to my photobucket album, most of them will be uploaded there eventually.

So. We left home on friday afternoon, because a friend had lent us her flat near canary warf for the weekend. I'd never been to that part of London before...going out for dinner on friday night and seeing all the sheep people dressed in the same suits crammed in to bars playing music you couldn't hear because the people were shouting to be heard over it. It reminded me why I could never ever live in a city. That kind of place is my idea of a nightmare. That part of London is very surreal though, like something out of a film.

Saturday morning we left the flat at just after 9am, and got the tube to bond street station. The further we walked along Oxford Street, the bigger the crowds got. At about 10am, we finally got in to what appeared to be The Queue. The sign in the left hand photo says "Show Entrance Queue Starts 700m". The photo on the right is the amount of people who were behind us at that point. (You can click on all the photos for bigger versions).

That turned out to be the queue to get in to the queue to get in to The Queue. It carried on until you actually got into the park itself, where the queue to join The Queue started. There was a fair bit of waiting round here, for the main gates to open I guess.

After that, things moved pretty quickly, and we were in! We found a spot where we had a good view of one of the big screens where there was a bit of room. We didn't want to go right to the front because of the Golden Circle, full of the corporate people who were sipping free champagne who had the £1000 a head tickets, and didn't seem to care about being there at all. So, we claimed out spot and stayed there.

So. Then the music started! You can go to the photobucket album to see all the photos, but Pink Floyd were There is no way to explain what they're like! Completely and utterly amazing. Robbie Williams was on top form, as always. The Scissor Sisters were fantastic, and Annie Lennox was incredible. Mariah Carey was a complete waste of space. I can not take someone like Snoop Dog seriously when he wears pigtails and swears so much.
It really was an incredible weekend. I don't know what more I can say about it. If you haven't already done it, go to and sign The Live8 List.

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zibibbo said...

Wow Holly! Sounds like you had an awesome time and I so do agree w/ you on Carey..heh. Thanks for sharing the pics!