Saturday, July 9

We decided to buy a new computer desk on Thursday. One of those moments of madness, kinda thing. So in about 2 hours I managed to unplug and move my computer, printer, scanner, and everything else wired up in this corner, dismantle the desk Dad had built and get it out in to the back garden (this involved lots of swearing and pushing and kicking to get it through the doorway), construct a desk, shelves and drawers, sort out all the wires and plug everything back in again. I was most impressed. I am the flat pack construction queen. Everything is much neater in here now and I have a lot more desk space for crap, now the printer fits on a shelf. Of course not everything went to plan, and the network cable which goes up through the wall, through the hallway and into Dad's study, doesn't reach the CPU in it's new position. So the plan is to get a wireless network card and use that instead. At the moment i'm on the wireless on the laptop, so my PC is being used for music and this is being used for internetting. I love using the laptop, i type much faster on here, and the keyboard is much quieter. I might buy a new keyboard when i go and get the network card.

Muchos pissed off with postmen at the moment. There's strikes at the sorting offices in Northampton and Wellingborough, so my insurance certificate for my car still hasn't arrive. This means i still can't buy tax, so i can't drive my car! It's very frustrating. The ironic thing about this is i have an interview at the DVLA on monday, for a job dealing with people who haven't paid their car tax or declared their car as off the road. I don't think turning up in a car without any tax would be a good first impression, do you? So it better come Monday morning so i can go and buy tax. Oh god, i hope i have enough money! I've spent a grand total of £3557 in the last week. I feel so poor now. I better get this job!

Well, i've been working for my cousin for the last 2 days, and i am again tomorrow, so that's going towards tax money i guess. I owe Dad £100 too, and i've not paid rent yet this month. Oh hell, i really need this job.
I was painting Matt's new warehouse today and i got covered head to toe in paint. God knows how, but it was even up my legs, and i'd been wearing my jeans all day. Amazingly, i've just got my clothes out the washing machine and there's not a trace of paint left on them. I'm impressed. And i don't have to worry about buying new jeans! (There is nothing worse than having to buy a new pair of jeans. Nothing you try on is as comfortable as the pair you're replacing. Yes, i'm the kind of person who wears one pair of trousers all the time until they wear out and i have to buy new ones).

In other news, this week i have mostly been listening to James Blunt and Rob Thomas. Fantastic albums, everyone should buy them.

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