Tuesday, July 19


I got the job!

As of August 15th I will be working for the DVLA on a starting salary of £15k, with 6 weeks holiday plus 10 days public holiday a year.
I guess they did ignore the bumbling buffoon and were impressed by the training people who didn't speak english and the redesigning the shop website and the like.

Now i might go and buy that Mini that's for sale down the road.


diary of a knitknit said...

Congratulations Holly! I knew you'd bag that job :-)

You better make the most of the time you got left before you start working. Not much time for knitting with a full-time job, I can tell you that...

Peatbogfaery said...

Congrats Holly!!

Carolyn said...

Buffoon schmuffoon - don't put yourself down!

Good on you girl. Hope you enjoy the job. And SIX WEEKS holiday!!!

Ok, you've got three weeks left to cram in as much knitting as you can.

Don't get too tired in your first week of work ;) to enjoy the UKnitty mini meet!!