Friday, August 26

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger, I know. This one's a proper update though, I promise! (Well, I'm going to waitrose in a minute, so I have until Ma gets home!)

First off, we have photos of the UKnitty London Meet, which was last weekend!

In photo one we have Charlotte, Kate and Carolyn (and I would link to blog, if i wasn't so lazy!). Photo two we have Rachel, and photo 3 we have Elizabeth. They're all wonderful!

This photo is stolen from Carolyn and taken by the Lady From Loop. We were all eager to get in and spend lots of money. Great shop. Great yarn. Great company. Great day! OOH, and Charlotte, Rachel and I went to a shop in covent garden called cyber candy, and i got TAB! I haven't had tab for years :D And cherry flavour jolly ranchers, which are now all gone *sob*. Fantastic shop, lots of strange forigen sweets!

The socks are finished! Lorna's Laces sock yarn (i think the colour is Watercolour), using the toe up sock pattern from (again, too lazy to link).

And the mini Hipknits clapotis. It's scarf size, instead of giant size. Used slightly over 1 ball of hipknits silk in Swamp, and is loverly.

And now...I'm going to waitrose. What timing!

Tuesday, August 23

Best search hit ever! Oh yes. Someone has reached my blog by searching for "Twisted Mind Sex Boxes".

And one more Weasle hit since last time too.

AND I got my first comment spam! I'm so proud!

Friday, August 19

The Weasles Hit Count now stands at about 8. The more I mention Weasles, the more Weasles hits there are! Maybe I should attempt to mention Weasles at least once in every entry?

Can't wait for the yarn shopping expedition with Knitty Ladies tomorrow! I have a feeling I'll come back very poor. And I'll have to take a big bag with me! Thankfully I'll be getting paid at the end of the month instead of having to wait until I've worked a whole month, which is wonderful. I'm not sure what knitting i'm going to take with me, because I only have the ribbing left to do on Sock2, which will probably get finished tonight and the only other thing i have on the needles at the moment is the Hearten sweater, which is far too big to take with me. I guess that means I'll have to start a new project! I have a few balls of Koigu in the stash somewhere from the failed Charlotte's Web...I might make some odd socks out of that, just for fun.

Tuesday, August 16

Civil Servant

I started my new job today. I am now officially a civil servant, which means lots of money and lots of holiday, hurrah!
I should have started yesterday, but yesterday was also my aunts funeral, so they didn't seem to mind about me starting a day late. Thank You, You, and You for the good luck! It worked wonders :) I now have a magic piece of plastic that unlocks doors and lifts barriers, by just waving it in front of another magic piece of plastic. Today was catching up with what I missed out on yesterday, signing lots of pieces of paper, and trying to remember all the different forms for various different things that the DVLA do. The next two weeks will be training and no doubt signing even more pieces of paper.

I think I'm slowly starting to return to a normal (well, as normal as I get) level of sanity after an incredibly shit two weeks that I never even want to think about again at the moment. I'm very much looking forward to this weekend, meeting the lovely Knitty ladies for some SEX. (Stash enhancement expedition. Get your mind out the gutter.) And I have to go and visit Julie when I get paid, to snag me some of the new Rowan!

Now, I'm going to make tomorrows lunch, have a shower, and watch crap in TV whilst trying to finish the sock.

Saturday, August 13

It's amazing how many people have gotten to my page recently by searching for the word Weasles, even though I have only used the word once in this entire blog (that i'm aware of). Ok, so it's not an amazing amount (4, to be precise) but still...strange.

I finished my mini clapotis in HipKnits silk about a week ago. I've not really done much else though. Got passed the heel on my second sock (they're toe up) today, so they're almost a matching pair. I should be getting me some cashmere sock yarn soon too (another HipKnits wonder).

Other than that, the knitting world here is rather boring. I promise i'll bring you some exciting wonderful news soon. Now it seems to be getting colder (YAY!) no doubt the knitting will be more frequent. You never know, i might even finish that sweater i started months ago.

Wednesday, August 10

Tuesday, August 9

I still don't know what to say. Anything I write just seems stupid and pointless right now. We went to Norfolk on sunday. The sea air is good.

Friday, August 5

Y'know, it's a damn good job I don't have a credit card. Most American sites only accept visa or mastercard, and all I have is my switch card (which took long enough to sort out as it is, so I'm not getting a sodding visa/mastercard as well as the 4 cards i already have). I almost just spent £45 at Purl Soho. I blame Julie because she's the one that gave me the link! And the call of Latern Moon ebony needles, and Manos Del Uruguay, it was just too much. I can justify these kinds of things in my head, because the basket total says $76, and I think BLOODY HELL! Then I realise it's SO much cheaper in our English monies. See, justification. So I buy buy buy, and I fill in all the little boxes thinking "oooh...yarn", then it comes to How Would You Like To Pay? Mastercard? Nope. Visa? Nope. Discover? Huh? Well then sod off we don't want your money! So no Latern Moon or Manos Del Uruguay for Holly. I drooled slightly over the Lobster Pot Yarns cashmere as well, but not even I can justify £25 for 50g of yarn!

Other than perving over yarn pr0n, I have done pretty much a big sod all. I can't wait to start my new job, I'm going slightly crazy here with nothing to do! Mum won't let me do any more decorating, and I'm sick to death of cleaning and tidying, and we only have so many DVD's in the house that I can watch, and daytime TV lost it's novelty value about a month ago. I could always go over to Olney but we all know that means spending money! Money I should not be spending, because in two weeks time I'm off to Londinium to perv over even more yarn with these lovely ladies at Loop.
I may even be going to Belgium for a couple of days at the begining of next week with Ma and Pa, considering it's my last week of freedom. That's if we find anywhere to stay at such short notice. I like belgium. They do good chocolate.

Tuesday, August 2

Painting and Decorating

The bathroom is finished! Well, pretty much finished anyway. It's only taken about a week. It took four coats of white paint to cover the orange in the end. Four. Fucking. Coats. I am sick to death of the sight of white paint. However, the brown took a grand total of one coat. It was done in about an hour! Now all i have to do is clean off the tile grout whitener and wait for the new bits (towel rail + ring, bog brush, light pull, flush handle and loo roll holder) to arrive, choose a new rug, and print some photos to hang on the walls. It looks marvelous. Apart from the orange tiles. Orange is almost as bad as white paint at the moment. Unfortunately tiles are harder to get rid of, considering there's just one line of them around the bath. We're going to phone the tile man and see if we can replace just the orange ones.

I forgot to take before photos. But trust me, it is a vast improvement!

Not much else has been happening worth mentioning. Clapotis is about half way through, and i cast on my second lorna's laces sock last night. Now i suppose i should go and do something interesting so i have something to mention in my next entry.