Friday, August 26

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger, I know. This one's a proper update though, I promise! (Well, I'm going to waitrose in a minute, so I have until Ma gets home!)

First off, we have photos of the UKnitty London Meet, which was last weekend!

In photo one we have Charlotte, Kate and Carolyn (and I would link to blog, if i wasn't so lazy!). Photo two we have Rachel, and photo 3 we have Elizabeth. They're all wonderful!

This photo is stolen from Carolyn and taken by the Lady From Loop. We were all eager to get in and spend lots of money. Great shop. Great yarn. Great company. Great day! OOH, and Charlotte, Rachel and I went to a shop in covent garden called cyber candy, and i got TAB! I haven't had tab for years :D And cherry flavour jolly ranchers, which are now all gone *sob*. Fantastic shop, lots of strange forigen sweets!

The socks are finished! Lorna's Laces sock yarn (i think the colour is Watercolour), using the toe up sock pattern from (again, too lazy to link).

And the mini Hipknits clapotis. It's scarf size, instead of giant size. Used slightly over 1 ball of hipknits silk in Swamp, and is loverly.

And now...I'm going to waitrose. What timing!


diary of a knitknit said...

Looks like you all had a good day in London!

Lovely socks! and I really like your mini Clapotis. I'm a bit tempted to make one and I would like to make one similar to yours. How many repeats did you make to get it that size?

Lora said...

I am lovely the mini clapotis also. I was also curious as to how you modified the pattern.

Please share. My clapotis has been sitting in my basket forever. I just can't seem to finish it now that summer is over and it is done in some brightly color silk yarn w/ a springie/summery color. Don't think I'll be wearing it this summer. Thinking of frogging and turning the silk into something else.