Tuesday, August 16

Civil Servant

I started my new job today. I am now officially a civil servant, which means lots of money and lots of holiday, hurrah!
I should have started yesterday, but yesterday was also my aunts funeral, so they didn't seem to mind about me starting a day late. Thank You, You, and You for the good luck! It worked wonders :) I now have a magic piece of plastic that unlocks doors and lifts barriers, by just waving it in front of another magic piece of plastic. Today was catching up with what I missed out on yesterday, signing lots of pieces of paper, and trying to remember all the different forms for various different things that the DVLA do. The next two weeks will be training and no doubt signing even more pieces of paper.

I think I'm slowly starting to return to a normal (well, as normal as I get) level of sanity after an incredibly shit two weeks that I never even want to think about again at the moment. I'm very much looking forward to this weekend, meeting the lovely Knitty ladies for some SEX. (Stash enhancement expedition. Get your mind out the gutter.) And I have to go and visit Julie when I get paid, to snag me some of the new Rowan!

Now, I'm going to make tomorrows lunch, have a shower, and watch crap in TV whilst trying to finish the sock.


Carolyn said...

Hmm, having some trouble here seeing "Holly" and "Civil servant" as one and the same thing ;)

Glad to hear it's all going ok so far!

holly said...

It is very strange! I have to wear proper shoes, and it's hard to get used to! lol

peri said...

Oh Holly I forgot to come and wish you good luck - brain like a sieve at the mo. I'm glad that everything, including the magic plastic, is going well. Hope you had a great time on Saturday & await piccies with baited breath!