Saturday, August 13

It's amazing how many people have gotten to my page recently by searching for the word Weasles, even though I have only used the word once in this entire blog (that i'm aware of). Ok, so it's not an amazing amount (4, to be precise) but still...strange.

I finished my mini clapotis in HipKnits silk about a week ago. I've not really done much else though. Got passed the heel on my second sock (they're toe up) today, so they're almost a matching pair. I should be getting me some cashmere sock yarn soon too (another HipKnits wonder).

Other than that, the knitting world here is rather boring. I promise i'll bring you some exciting wonderful news soon. Now it seems to be getting colder (YAY!) no doubt the knitting will be more frequent. You never know, i might even finish that sweater i started months ago.


Carolyn said...


Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK with the new job tomorrow!
Don't work too hard ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly

Weasels eh? How strange!

Good luck with your job. Hope to see you soon.


diary of a knitknit said...

hope you've had a good day at your new job!